One of the more positive aspects of being "buttoned-up" inside of Fort Drum during the 1942 siege was that the higher internal temperatures of the concrete battleship, resulting from the outside tropical weather endemic to the region, caused the gun powder used in the fort's guns to fire at a much higher muzzle velocity than normal, thus greatly increasing the range and … Originally a barren rock island, it was leveled by U.S. Army engineers between 1910 and 1914 and then built up with thick layers of steel-reinforced concrete into a massive … When construction started in 1909, U.S. military engineers enclosed the existing rocky nub of El Fraile Island in enough concrete to erect a large, vaguely ship-shaped bastion. These were totally leveled and in their place was built a concrete bunker structure shaped like a battleship, no doubt to intimidate and fool any would-be attacker. Mar 23, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by WFS. Les ruines de Fort Drum, y compris ses tourelles d'artillerie de 356 mm, restent à l'entrée de la baie de Manille, abandonnée depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale. This ruined concrete fort is Fort Drum. Article by Terry Alemberg. Captured by the Japanese during WWII, the. In order to construct Fort Drum, the US Army Corps of Engineers had to cut the small, rocky island of El Fraile. Fort Drum. Mar 23, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by WFS. Old photos capture the daily life on the fort. The “concrete battleship” went active in 1913. When completed in 1918, Fort Drum was the most powerful defense work in Manila Bay, but the advances in military technology during World War I already began to make the fort obsolete. Playing next. More ideas for you Pinterest. One of the Turrets Installed by the Americans on Fort Drum. Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) Fort Drum or El Fraile has been abandoned ever since. The napalm strike was so intense it left the fort burning for days. In 1945 during the offensive to recapture Manila, the heavily fortified island was the last position in the bay that was held by the Japanese. El Fraile Island was a jagged rock island in Manila Bay, located eight kilometers south of Corregidor Island. Il abrite néanmoins aujourd'hui un phare, le phare du Fort Drum, pour éviter toute collision de navires. For over a hundred years, a lonely ghost stands as sentinel in Manila Bay, guarding against enemies long vanquished. The concrete battleship : Fort Drum, El Fraile Island, Manila Bay. 3 years ago | 4 views. Il disposait comme artillerie principale de deux tourelles bitubes de 14-inch gun M1907 (en) de calibre 356 mm[6], les seuls de ce modèle installé à terre, guidées par une tour de contrôle de tir de 18 mètres de haut[7]. US Army engineers burn out Japanese fortifications on Caballo Island and the concrete battleship Fort Drum in Manila Bay, Philippines in 1945. One hundred years ago while the United States was fighting the Great War (WW1) in Europe, on the other side of the globe the U.S. Army Coastal Artillery Corps was completing construction work on a unique military installation that would play a vital, but now largely forgotten part in the WWII some twenty years later. El Fraile’s transformation into Fort Drum was dramatic in the extreme. Fort Drum: The Concrete Battleship on El Fraile Island. Other banned weapons include poisoned bullets, cluster bombs, land mines, and poisonous gases. The attackers used the fort and restocked its ammunition. These Medical Frontliners Got a Surprise Noche Buena Treat From Globe Last Christmas, The Story Behind Cebu’s Love Affair With Chocolate, Biological Weapons And Other Lies About COVID-19, A Timeline of the First Quarter Storm: Three Months That Shook the Nation. Serving on Fort Drum was very much like crewing a giant battleship that went nowhere. Retrouvez Concrete Battleship: Fort Drum, El Fraile Island, Manila Bay et des millions de livres en stock sur Noté /5. Fort Drum - The Concrete Battleship of Manila Bay 07:51 HISTORY At the mouth of Manila Bay just off the coast of Philippines lies a huge battleship-shaped immovable concrete structure that was built in the early twentieth century to defend Manila. Due to these characteristics, Fort Drum became known as the "Concrete Battleship." Old photos capture the daily life on the fort. [Francis J Allen] your own Pins on Pinterest Fort Drum, the unsinkable 'battleship' of Manila Bay By Pio Andrade Jr. AS one enters and exits Manila Bay, there is no more arresting sight than a ruined concrete fort jutting out of the sea with four big guns pointing seaward. Dec 9, 2016 - Fort Drum (El Fraile Island), also known as the concrete battleship, is a heavily fortified island situated at the mouth of Manila Bay in the Philippines, due south of Corregidor Island. After a heavy aerial and naval bombardment, US troops gained access to the deck of the fort on 13 April, and were able to confine the garrison below. The apparently over-engineered fort became an improbable overseas duty station for Army soldiers in the 1920s and 1930s. If there isn ’t announced model, do not hesitate ask us, we will public it in eBay. Fort Drum (El Fraile Island), also known as the “concrete battleship,” is a heavily fortified island fortress situated at the mouth of Manila Bay in the Philippines, due south of Corregidor Island.It was occupied by the Japanese in World War II, and was recaptured by the U.S. after igniting oil and gasoline in the fort, leaving it permanently out of commission. It has been abandoned since. Together, these four islands in Manila Bay formed a perfect naval line of defense against any armada seeking to lay siege on Manila.

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