Make your way back to the elevator and insert the button. Full the directions above until your return to the Stage. Go through the door into the Water-Tank Bathroom. You will see a key here. Luigi’s Mansion 3’s first boss encounter is inevitably a pretty straightforward one – this guy may as well be a standard Goober ghost with more HP. Backtrack south a room, then use the key on the east door to reach a stage area. You will notice you Polterpup appears by the vending machine in the top right corner. Luigi’s Mansion 3 Serpci Pharaoh Queen Boss Once you escape the sandpit and come out of the pyramid, you will face of Serpci outside of the pyramid at Sandy Grass Hall… Push them down, then grab a'hold of one hat to reveal the ghost. Then, suck on the bed on the wall to take off the sheets. Check out this guide to find out how to beat the floor 7 boss in Luigi's Mansion 3. Luigi’s Mansion 3’s 11F Twisted Suites has six hidden gems shaped like dice.In this guide, we’ll show you their map locations and how to find them all throughout the level. If you're just starting out with the game, check out our detailed guide to every floor, boss, and collectable. Through it, take the door in the northwest corner of the room to reach a hallway. You will then reach a hexagonal room, which is the boss room. This fight begins with the three ghosts launching cards at you from their hats. Luigi's Mansion 3 is the third entry in the series, releasing for the Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 31, 2019. This article shows a list of glitches in Luigi's Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch. However, Steward will occasionally hide away behind some objects. Go through the revealed door to get to the Hall. Return to the elevator and put in your shiny new button. In the Trainer’s Bedroom you will see the key inside of a cage in the middle of the room. As you go to the right in the Gallery you will be attacked by a trash bin. After the cutscene walk to the up and open the bar walk through using your jump to gain access to the stage. Water-Tank Bathroom. Grab the key when ready then head back to the Lounge area. No real surprise… King Boo is the final boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Use the mirror to orient yourself so you can suck up the curtains. Your email address will not be published. When you enter the False Bedroom you will see a bed floating on top of a mirror. Send Gooigi into the floor drain below. This causes the bed to move. You can do this by throwing random debris found around the room at it. To reveal the right exit vacuum up the tapestry in the way. Chambrea hides a suitcase in her body that Luigi needs to retrieve. Mario leads Luigi to the rooftop of the hotel to save Princess Peach. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the latest Switch exclusive from Next Level Games and it stars the timid hero, Luigi, as he must face dozens of tough bosses in … So long as you avoid damage by running around, you should be fine in this fight. Simply run around the stage to dodge them. In the Lounge you will trigger a cutscene. Once they close in on you (pictured above) you need to jump to knock the hats over. At this point run up to a hat and vacuum the hair to pull out a ghost. P… Welcome to Neoseeker's Luigi's Mansion 3 walkthrough and guide. Pillage the other parts of the room, then interact with the clock in the southwest part of the room, which will move the bed. For the second and third cycle, you will need to repeat this same process, but you must try to remember which hat has a ghost and which one is empty, or else after you push the ghosts to the ground, you may choose the wrong hat. Once the cutscene is over it will appears as if you can’t go anywhere. In this room, Luigi gets flipped around in a scene. After the cutscene you need to make your way to the Stage, unfortunately for us each room is changed so you essentially warp through the different rooms as you attempt to make your way back there. At this point E.Gadd will radio you. Once you see the stars rotating above it, … As a reward, you receive elevator button 11. Suck on the rabbit with Luigi, then swap to Gooigi and inhale the rabbit to get the key. This portion of the Luigi's Mansion 3 guide covers the spectral catch walkthrough which includes all spectral catch gem locations and how to beat the shark boss waiting for you on the boat. In the Lounge open the locked door to the right and go through it into the False Bedroom. Here, the bed will be raised. As soon as you enter the Hall a hat will fall on you. This floor is called the Twisted Suites and it houses a magic show. Use your Plunger to pull the bin over then hit it with your Dark Light. He will lock himself behind a grill, so Luigi cannot cross. After the cutscene a boss fight will start. Afterward, the hats will rotate around the stage and then charge at you. Starting the site back in 2016, Eli has poured blood, sweat and tears into making HtR a premiere spot for neckbeards and nerds alike. Use your Plunger to pull down the vending machine, revealing a door. The Great Stage – Boogie. Since 2002, Andrew Testa has written over 100 strategy guides on series including Final Fantasy, Zelda, God of War, Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon, Call of Duty, Fallout, Halo, and Fable. In Luigi’s Mansion 3, your first boss fight will be with The Steward. Once you figure out the trick it is a simple fight. This in-depth guide is here to help you (and by extension Luigi!) As you make your way through each room you will need to defeat enemies that appear. This attack can easily be dodged. In Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi has to conquer the ghosts, and bosses appearing on each level known as floors. However, a leaked cartridge allowed Homebrew users and people buying from select retail stores to play it since October 26th, 2019.12 It was revealed in the September Direct/9.13.18. You will need to clear more ghosts -- these guys like to hold objects, so make sure you suction shot them first. In this mirror you will see two curtains covering a door on the far wall. Floor 3 (Kruller – the Hotel Shops Ghost) You will fight this boss in his office. One of Luigi's Mansion 3's biggest attractions is the return of boss ghosts with unique personalities, such as the Portrait Ghosts from the original game. Have Gooigi or Luigi catch the bunny then hold it so the other person can use the Dark Light on it. This boss gets… Soon after Luigi and the gang arrive inside the first/second floor Grand Lobby during broad daylight and all check in at the front desk with the bellhop/receptionist ghost called Steward, they are then introduced and later escorted by the owner of the hotel, a mysterious woman named Hellen Gravely, to stay on the fifth floor rooms. Walk into the stage to trigger a cutscene. Most notably, the maze puzzle is … Boo are invisible ghosts that only reveal themselves when you use Luigi’s Dark Light. Luigi's Mansion 3 showcased Luigi at his best, taking down ghoulish bosses, and these ten baddies are the hardest he had to face. One of the trickiest is Polterkitty, also known as Polter Kitty. The Garden boss on Floor 7 of Luigi's Mansion is one of the more tricky battles in the game. Use the Dark Light on the wall to reveal a door. After you regain control of Luigi a bunch of spiders will spawn. The red ghost will be in the shower stall. After the scene, return to the previous room, clear the ghosts, then return to the hallway via the north door. You will need to defeat the ghost in the trash can first like you have before, then go inside the door on the right. As a reward, you receive elevator button 12. When you beat them you receive the Elevator Button for 12F. Updated November 4, 2019. Not really much to do in this room. This fight begins with the three ghosts launching cards at you from their hats. Physical Appearance. Since the hats are so bad at damaging you, it is not too hard to keep track of which hat is which, and if you choose incorrectly, you simply need to repeat the process again for another cycle. Required fields are marked *, Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knight Early Access First Impressions, Stone Owl: What it Does, Event It Unlocks – Stardew Valley, Goldeneye Mod Adds Mario 64 Characters to the Iconic Shooter, Animal Crossing New Horizons: Mega Dodo Code Thread – Drop Your Code and Find Visitors, NBA 2K18 Neighborhood Guide – Everything to Know. Send Gooigi into the floor drain below. You should be able to complete the boss in two or three phases depending on how well you are at slamming at the right time. After the fight, use the northeast door to reach another hallway. To beat the boss you need to dodge the cards they throw at you and wait for them to circle in close. After the cutscene, pull the curtain on the east wall, then dark-light the wall to reveal a door. Clem (Japanese: モップラー Moppler) is the boss of the floor B2 - Boilerworks in Luigi's Mansion 3.He makes his first appearance sleeping, but when Luigi makes his way in, Clem floods the room. This means that you will have to use your dark light to locat… We will detail their exact location and in the exact room that you can find them in. The proper room sequence to get back is Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Down, Walk through the Gallery to Left exit. Afterward, go through the north door to reach a room with a spinning fan in the middle. Suck and slam the ghost; you should be able to defeat each one in one cycle. In the final area, after defeating Hellen Gravely — Luigi rescues Mario from the painting. With the bed out of the way, dark-light the wall where the bed was located to reveal a door. As Gooigi you have to save yourself from water or else Gooigi will melt. It provides various exciting events and actions as there are different bosses on every floor. To reveal the left exit vacuum up the tapestry and then use your Dark Light to reveal a door. Go up to the key and interact with it to trigger a cutscene. This new room contains a key in a cage. As you defeat a ghost the hat they were in is replaced with a bomb. We are now into the final boss fight of third floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3, enter the room and you will see the boss grabs a water gun. Where we found it: Restroom (Ladies), in a Toolbox. In the stage room, many blue ghosts will spawn. When you acquire the … In this hallway, take the south door again, and here, take the west door to find the three ghosts. Find out his tactics and how to defeat him in this Luigi’s Mansion 3 Final Boss Guide. Location: Floor 3, Security Office. We need the key. Go through the top door to reach the Gallery. Clear the room, then use the north door to reach the bathroom. This Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boo Locations Guide will show you all the locations where you can find the Boo enemies. With the ghost defeated, you will acquire a key. Walk through the Stage into Wardrobe to trigger a cutscene. Once it is dead interact with it to get the key. Luigi’s Mansion 3’s 3F : Hotel Shops level has six hidden gems.In this guide, we’ll show you their map locations and how to find them all. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Repeat this three times to defeat the boss. Switch to Gooigi and vacuum up the three orbs to make the wall permanent. Go to floor 12F now. Afterward, the hats will rotate around the stage and then charge at you. This is the first boss that you will encounter in the game. Published on Oct 30, 2019 Luigi embarks on a dream vacation with Mario and friends upon receiving an invitation to a luxurious hotel. The key will change into a golden bunny you need to catch. Return to the stage room and use the key on the east door. Make your way to the left until you reach the old ship. Here is a trick to defeat the Guard Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Step out of the elevator and into the Elevator Hall to trigger a cutscene with the boss of this floor. One of his moves is that he will use the suitcases that are spread around the boss arena as a shield and protect itself from Luigi’s Strobulb blast. Clear the enemies, then take the door at the end of the hallway as you go east and then south. After defeating it, use the west door to reach the stage room again. Go onto the stage and look through the hole. Inside the bathroom, defeat the ghost in the trash can by feeding Gooigi to it. The gameplay will be similar to Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon with everything pertaining to Luigi and his way to hunt ghost, on top of that is added new ideas made for Luigi's Mansion 3 like Gooigi, which allows co-op play as well as allow the player to control a character with different abilities in single player. Simply run around the stage to dodge them. Magician Ghosts. We need to find it in the Boilerworks. There are various methods to kill him. Prologue from the guide: Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, and three Toads are invited to a hotel called The Last Resort for a vacation party, which they travel to via a charter bus driven by Toad. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Go through the door to reach the next room which is the Illusion Bathroom. The 10 Hardest Bosses In Luigi's Mansion 3. In total, there are 16 Boos that you have to find and capture. Walk Luigi over to the left side of the room and pull the wallpaper down to reveal a blank wall. Inside this bathroom now, suck the sheets on the west wall, then dark-light the wall to reveal a door. When you try to grab it, a rabbit runs off with it. This is obviously wrong as both the left and right walls have exits on them. Return to the Inverted Bedroom and head through the door on the right. Your email address will not be published. The steward is a hotel ghost that works around in moving the luggage and suitcases of the hotel. Walk Luigi over to the left side of the … Suck on the south curtains, then go through the south door. Go through the door into the Inverted Bedroom. Once you’ve traversed the Boilerworks you will gain access to floor 11F. In order to harm Chambrea, the player needs to stun… Take them out then take out the gold ghosts. Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/19/2020 Official GameFAQs Guide. You need to keep track of the hat with the ghosts inside them. Return to the Lab to learn Toad is missing. Suction shot the vending machine in the northeast corner to reveal a door. It is best to cluster them up, suck multiple at a time, and then slam them into one another. After arriving at the Twisted Suites level (and missing the area’s Boss Ghost straight off the bat) we’ll be free to explore a little. To defeat the chest you need to interact with the toilet to spawn in fish. You will find the Kruller Ghost patrolling the Mall area of Floor 3. The Grand Lobby is the area in which Luigi and his pals enter the Last Resort Hotel, so there isn't much in the way of… Go through the left exit first into the Bladed Bedroom. Luigi’s Mansion 3 How to Defeat Cursed Chest & Bin on Floor 11 How to beat cursed chest in bathroom? We reviewed Luigi's Mansion 3 at launch in October 2019, calling it "fun, charming, and smartly designed," scoring the game an 8.3. The world structure and the ghost themselves are based on Luigi's Mansion according to Kensuke Tanabe as he felt that this was one of the few thing missing from the second game. Jump to get the hat off then head through the door down below to reach the Stage. Floor 11 Luigi's Mansion 3 ... You will then reach a hexagonal room, which is the boss room. Go through the door as Luigi into the Trainer’s Bedroom. The boss fight is quite simple as Steward has just one attack, which is where he picks up the suitcases and hurls them at Luigi. Note: you can see the locations of the Twisted Suites Gems here. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. At the beginning of the game after defeating Goobs in the Grand Lobby floor, a cutscene shows Polterpup going up the stairs to where the player collects the key; however, in version 1.0.0, a glitch occurs where after the player captures the last Goob and Polterpup appears at the last moment teaching the player how to capture ghosts, he gets stuck on Luigi. This changes it back into the key. Shoot the fish that spawns into the chest and then use your Dark Light on it. Use your Dark Light on the wall where the bed was to reveal a door. Walk over to the chest here and interact with it to have the cursed chest come to life. In order to destroy the chest, you’ll first have to stun it. Luigi fights Clem for the tenth floor's button. In the Inverted Bedroom head to the left corner and flashlight the clock there. This portion of the Luigi's Mansion 3 guide covers the Twisted Suites walkthrough and all the twisted suites gem locations. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is quiet an adventurous game published by “Nintendo” for its series Nintendo Switch. To get through this magic show with your sanity use the 11F Twisted Suites Guide below.

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