Freddii. But its connection with zero might get some teasing. Wyndham is an evocative English name, meaning ‘from the windy village. In fact, this name reached the top 25 list in the late 90s. Dara - Meaning - Angel Of Rains And Rivers . Rainbow is the colorful semi-circle that people see in the sky after a rainy day. Varsha is a Hindu name coming from the Sanskrit word for ‘rain’. Mikey would make a cute nickname for Makani. This moniker’s heyday was in the 50s and 60s, but it still sounds cool today. But it definitely sounds cooler than the original. This name began to be used in the 70s and has been heard consistently since then. Ilma is a very popular nature-inspired name in Finland. Hence, the meaning of Palinouros is ‘contrary wind’. ― Anonymous User 6/3/2016. Your child will definitely be a fierce contender with this one, and they’ll have so much fun finding the constellation that inspired their name each night. On Amaya being a Japanese name, I have never heard the character for "rain" being read as "ama". All the names associated with it have a gentle and breezy feel to it, including Zephyr. Even before my nocturnal delivery, I found peace by taking a relaxing gaze at the night sky. It’s got a sophisticated feel to it and is the kind of name that fits babies, kids, and adults alike. So, it’s no surprise that it inspires so many baby names. Esther. This term for the storm has started being used for the baby name as well, all thanks to the tennis star Hurricane Black. Corentin is a Breton name, meaning ‘storm. Hence, Aureole means ‘little wind.’ We think Aureole would make a lovely substitute for the commonplace Ariel. Dalfon is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘raindrop.’ You won’t hear this name much in every playground as it’s very rare. Raine. Though Nash actually means "by the ash tree" in Middle English, it's also the name of a star located in the constellation Sagittarius. These unique baby names have the meaning of night in various origins and cultures around the world, and they make perfect names for your little boys or girls. This Old Testament name means ‘cloud’ in the Hebrew language. If you want to give your little girl an attention-grabbing name, go with Tornado. Just like Sunshine and Sky, even this fluffy name from the hippie era has started floating onto the baby name radar. Search comprehensively and find the name meaning of Rain and its name origin or of any other name in our database. Lilith. Find more Latin words at! Because of this, it is unsurprising that parents want baby names that mean sky, rain, air, wind or clouds. All rights reserved. American Family Insurance has the naming rights for the next 15 years. Brook Benton - "Rainy Night In Georgia" (1970) With the single line, "I believe it's rainin' all over the … name that’s appropriate for a baby born at nigh, celebrities have given their babies celestial names. Who knows, maybe your child will also grow up to be a talented performer like Gomez or the late Selena Quintanilla. If you do not mind experimenting with your child’s name, go with Lokni, the Native American name. Rainna. Yoki is an appealing Asian name, meaning ‘snow storm’ best used for boys born in December. Alizeh is a beautiful Persian name, meaning ‘wind.’ It is an attractive variation of the names- Eliza, Alissa, and even the French form Alizee. Araceli Segarra, a noted mountain climber, is its famous namesake. In mythology, this is the name of a nymph who was turned into a wind-flower. It would make an interesting name for parents looking for unique, yet solid name. AMAYA: Japanese name meaning "night rain." Hadad is the Syrian name of the God of rain and storms. Belle. No doubt your child will make just as strong an impression. Synonyms for light rain include drizzle, shower, sprinkle, trickle, drop, covering, droplet, runnel, sprinkling and rivulet. All Name Meanings Boy Name Meanings Girl Name Meanings Share your views with us in the comment section below! The name Saar is a popular unisex name of Hebrew origin, and it means ‘storm’. It entered the baby girl name list in the year 1987, via Skye Chandler, a character in “All My Children”. O'so Brewing Co., however, decided to do exactly that, bowing to the power of the trademark dispute by renaming its "Night Train Porter" beer to "Night Rain … Richard Lane (April 16, 1927 – January 29, 2002), commonly known as Dick " Islamic Name Meaning; 1 : Amaya: Night Rain 2 : Amana: Faithful, to believe 3 : Aniya: Concern, Loving Keyne is a Celtic name, meaning ‘man of the eastern sky.’ The spelling of this name is unusual enough to make your son stand out from the crowd. Alya is a lovely Arabic name, meaning ‘sky.’ This name is quite familiar in the United States in its slightly more complicated form Aliya. This moniker was publicized by the famous actress Thora Birch. So if your little one might be born in the evening, honor their birth with a name that’s appropriate for a baby born at night. The primary association you have with this name is probably with Friends, but it actually has a Greek origin, and it means “radiant, shining, or bright one.” Phoebe was also the grandmother of Artemis, the goddess of the moon. The team first announced that the park would get a new name in 2019. The history and meaning of the name Rain is fascinating, learn more about it. This messenger of gods rode the rainbow as a bridge between earth and heaven. This bright and cheerful name predicts a bright and friendly personality. Zeus, the name of the Greek god, has a name that probably means ‘sky.’ In the Greek mythology, Zeus is the highest of the gods. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. This moniker sounds less hippyish and wide-open feel than names like Starlight and Rainbow. Raiden means ‘thunder and lightning,’ which accompanies a heavy rainfall. The brew will now be known as "Night Rain." Even the special domain of Govad was wind and waves. To get started on your weather-inspired baby name, check out our 100 baby names … It was, for long considered a comic book stable, but now that it has invaded the big screen, it could soon land on the birth certificates as well. Yet another variation on "moon goddess," the name has gained popularity thanks to the popularity of superstar Selena Gomez. 23. Whether we like it or not, the weather does affect our state of mind, our mood, and our perception. This is the translation of the word "rain" to over 100 other languages. Its namesakes are Yuki Bhambri, the Indian tennis player, and Yuki Kajiura, the Japanese composer of music for the anime series. A unique name, Reva, is a girl’s name of Hindi origin, which means ‘rain’. But it’s capable of standing as a first name as well. The winning name was announced at the brewery on Saturday night, at a fete attended by about 200 people, Wagner said. Azure Parsons, the American actress, is its most famous bearer. by vol. In the Greek mythology, Aela was the name of the Amazon warrior whom Herakles killed. It's basically the same thing, but with HYBRIDS! This Hawaiian name, meaning ‘wind’ was initially thought as a baby boy name, but it got a feminine lilt when Woody Harrelson chose it for his daughter. Find more similar words at! It means "little star" in Old English, and of course your new baby is your little star. Lv 6. No one’s getting in this kid’s way. You can even opt for its variation Soleil. It would make an interesting, and even challenging pick for parents who want an exotic weather inspired the name. Thor is the mighty name of the Norse god of storm, thunder, and strength. Araceli is a melodic Spanish name and means ‘altar of the sky.’ It’s an epithet of Mother Mary in her role as a patron saint of Lucena. If you’re looking for a Hollywood connection, it’s the first name of Macaulay Culkin’s younger brother who still acts to this day. Here’s a short, evocative and neat name for you breezy boy. Zeru is a Basque name, meaning ‘sky.’ This name is an exotic spin on the nature name and was a huge hit with the hippies. The best part of this name is that you do not even need to shorten it for the nickname. The name Azure comes from an English word and means ‘sky blue.’ In the Middle Ages, Azure was another name for lapis lazuli. Latin for "moon," Luna is a sweet name if you’re a fan of astrology, constellations, or Harry Potter. How To Choose An Appropriate “Last Name” Based On A First Name For Your Baby Boy? Sweet Sweet Rain – Gene Loves Jezebel 1992, Heavenly Bodies. So the art's mine. Meaning - Rainbow. Thora, the goddess of thunder and storm has a name that is much gentler and softer than its meaning. Amaya can also be considered a derivation of Amaia, a Basque name meaning “the end.”. You always know of one Sterling in the neighborhood, but the playground or classroom is never overrun by them. Brewery in Phoenix, Arizona , to make sure the company wouldn't go after the Plover brewery for their name. Other night names to watch include bright and energetic Nova, which was one of the fastest-rising names of the decade, and multicultural Amaya, which means “night rain” in Japanese. Guthrie is a Scottish name, meaning ‘windy spot.’ This moniker has a windswept and romantic aura to it. Blackthorn Avocado* Almond* Blackcurrent* Blackberry* ICE/RAIN. Compare with another form of Amaya . From the Hebrew name יוֹרָה (Yorah) meaning either "he teaches" or "rain". In Hindi, the meaning of Ramman is ‘merriment’. Wings of Fire Hybrid Name Generator Random. When coming up to baby names, you could get inspirations from the night sky. Visitors Online: 1386 Today's Visits: 99781 Yesterday's Visits: 410100. Synonyms for light rain include drizzle, shower, sprinkle, trickle, drop, covering, droplet, runnel, sprinkling and rivulet. All rights reserved. ATIENO : Feminine form of African Luo Otieno , meaning "born at night." Angelfish Anaconda* RAIN/NIGHT. Visitors Online: 990 Today's Visits: 9744 Yesterday's Visits: 289750. Its popular bearer is Gale Hansen, the American actor who played the character Charlie Dalton in “Dead Poets Society.”. ANEMONE (Άνεμονη): Greek name derived from the word anemos, meaning "wind." Cover by me, hooray!! SEA/RAIN. Indra is a Sanskrit name, meaning ‘possessing drops of rain.’ In Hindu religion, Indra is the warrior god of rain and sky and is used for boys in India. We feel Tlaloc would definitely make a handsome first. The name Salana is a popular girl’s name of Latin origin. Names with * next to them have been suggested by others. Aella is the Latin variant of the Greek name Aello and means ‘storm wind or whirlwind’. There's something magical about giving birth before the sun has even risen. When coming up to baby names, you could get inspirations from the night sky. If you think you might want to give your baby some star power, then check out these baby names inspired by the night. This traditional name, meaning "star" in French, isn’t a super popular name so your child likely won’t run into another Estelle in her class when she starts going to school. The name Govad belongs to one of the 23 Hamkar archangels and means ‘good wind’. Go to that post to read the rules. It’s a timeless name and it never feels played out. After the list of names, I reveal the 8 Vital Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Your Night Club Biz , followed by the Greatest Night and Dance Club Slogans Ever Created . Find more similar words at! Enlil comes from the Sumerian word ‘en-lil’ and means ‘lord of the wind.’ In the Sumerian mythology, Enlil, the son of Ki and An, is the God of storms and wind. Tlaloc is a Nahuatl name, meaning ‘of the earth.’ But in the Aztec mythology, Tlaloc is the god of rain. Mariska Hargitay named her baby daughter Amaya Josephine. Peter Blue Cloud, the Native American Poet, is its famous namesake. For example, the pretty name Amaya means “night rain.” … The closest one would be "Aya - rain" and "Amaya - night rain." Go to that post to read the rules. It was the name of Liam Hemsworth’s character in “The Hunger Games”. Even the special domain of Govad was wind and waves. All the names here mean “night” or “dark,” or they’re related to these elements in some way. This information can be found in a book called "Baby Names Around the World". The sky is clearest during summer. The adorable nicknames FeeFee or Feebs go hand-in-hand with Phoebe. It entered the top 300-baby name list for the first time in the year 2015. Breeze is a lovely word name referring to the soft and smooth wind. It was released in November 1980 as the second single from his album Horizon.It reached number one on the Hot Country Singles, Billboard Hot 100, and Adult Contemporary Singles charts in early 1981. She was renowned for carrying a double axe. It’s the kind of name that rolls off the tongue easily, and your kid will thank you for giving them a short and simple name when they’re filling out their homework. Here comes our selection of 40 boy names and girl names referring to night. The name change took effect Friday with the beginning of the new year. Natural Ways To Induce Labor: Do They Work? AMAYA: Japanese name meaning "night rain." This Spanish version of the name Amaia has been growing in popularity in the United States because of its similarity with Maya. Inspired by the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt, Artemis evokes strength. Gale, a name that refers to the sea storm would make a nice name for your son. Bayu is an Indonesian name, meaning ‘wind.’ It does sound similar to Bayou since both are Indonesian baby name, but the meaning of both the monikers is different. MomJunction brings you a collection of 85 baby names referencing the weather. Apollo. This name was practically unknown in the United States, but has been trendy in European countries, especially France for several years. Rainey, reminiscent of rainy, has an old-time country feel to it, perhaps because of Ma Rainey, who is fondly referred to as the “Mother of the Blues.” Andie MacDowell named his daughter Rainie, which gives us another option. But, the mist or the sunset are not the only ones that inspire weather-themed baby names. If you plan on using a noise machine to help your baby sleep, don’t be surprised if the sound of rain falling is what calms them down the best. Selena. Give this moniker to your chill baby who will stay grounded, no matter how successful they become. The name Amaterasu is inspired by the Japanese mythology and means ‘heaven and sky’. Lyra. This name has appeared in a plenty of television shows and movies. This name truly works for your little queen and sounds a lot like the name of an uber popular popstar: Rhianna. Richard Lane (April 16, 1927 – January 29, 2002), commonly known as Dick " Raina. This female name, meaning ‘air’ is quickly moving up the charts and has even entered the top 100 baby name list, all thanks to “Game of Thrones.”. This moniker would work smoothly with almost any surname. 50 Unusual And Weird Baby Girl Names You Have Never Heard Of, 101 Charming And Chirpy Bird Names For Baby Girls And Boys. 25. This article was originally published on Jan. 20, 2016. Stella. It means ‘rain falling through the roof.’. With its increasing popularity due … Even though it belongs to the Japanese God of thunder, this moniker feels at home in the Western world as well. The name Sunny exudes the warmth and the clear sky of the summer. I have separated these names into categories, from catchy to cool to unique. The natural world effects our state of mind and our happiness. Harendra is a Punjabi name composed of the Sanskrit name Hari, which means ‘he who takes away’ and Indra, which means ‘possesses a drop of rain.’ Its alternate spelling is Harinder. Saying rain in European Languages. Rain is a pure version of rain-related names. This out-of-the-ordinary baby girl name would be a beneficial force to be reckoned with. 1. The same idea applies to virtually all … Here comes our selection of 40 boy names and girl names referring to night. Tempest is an evocative word name, meaning ‘stormy.’ It is famous, not just for being the title of one of the most memorable plays of Shakespeare, but also for its association with Tempestt Bledsoe, the American actress. From the Gaelic word for dusk, Keiran can have multiple spelling variations so you can make … The brewery has taken steps to prevent this from happening again, including reaching out to O.H.S.O. Originally a surname, this simple name has a coolness to it that just feels effortless. The art was not originally for this... but I needed something to add and was way to lazy to draw something else... so the cover turned out decent. Think Misty, Sunny, and so on. Huyana - Meaning - Rain Falling . 4. While it was less common a few years ago, it hit the top 300 baby names list in 2015.

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