Moving forward with his men to protect engineers while they removed the minefield and the demolition charges attached to the bridges, S/Sgt. If you have any suggestions, I would be glad to do the research into the WW II activities of the 7th AD Band. In any future war on the Korean Peninsula, U.S. and South Korean forces would encounter a familiar foe: the Korean People’s Army (KPA) 105th Armored Division. 14 Apr – Hemer, Germany – Stalag IV-A (23,000 POWs): CCA Task Forces Dailey (17th Tank Bn X-O Maj. Thomas W. Dailey) was first to reach the camp, followed later by TF Wemple (17th Tank Bn CO, Lt. Col. John P. Wemple). Saratoga County, NY recently honored him and presented a Conspicuous Service Cross to him in a presentation to his son, James Varney. 1 March 1942: 7th Armored Division activated at Camp Polk, Louisiana under command of Gen. Lindsay Silvester Click here for photos and video of the ceremony and photos Damien André gathered in his research for the monument. Dedicated 27 August 2016 - Click here to see the web page on the ceremony. So his new book is the culmination of decades of dedicated research on 7AD at St. Vith. 446th Quartermaster Troop Transport Company: Jan 1945 Peter's web pages on his wartime experiences. 1-11 October 1945: Returned to United States and Inactivated, Germany (third time) Cpl. Zone of Occupied Germany The Korean War was an increase of border clashes between two rival Korean governments (each of which was supported by external powers). In most cases the prices are lower than when he self-distributed the books. War Diaries. Anne’s family had moved from Germany to Amsterdam, with Anne staying for some time with relatives in Aachen, Germany. Between the town's outlying buildings 300 yards distant, and the stalled armored column were a minefield and 2 bridges defended by German rocket-launching teams and riflemen. When the Second World War broke out, the 7th was reactivated in 1940, largely with personnel drafted into the US Army in the initial phase of the 1940 peacetime draft. 7AD was then ordered north to the Baltic Sea. Zone of Occupied Germany New Apr 2020 Thanks to Niek Hendrix of Ospel, Netherlands for finding many of the web pages by or about 7AD men. Click here for a web page about the Unknowns of the ETO (European Theater of Operations).. 25-31 March 1945: Cross the Rhine River and rapidly move to complete the inner southern envelopment of the Ruhr Pocket We know all this because the two separate files -- the Individiual Deceased Personnel File of Leo W. Goers and the X-file for Solers X-43 -- have now been found to contain the same information, including the same serial number for the tank: 30282237 with markings 7AD-17-C-8. (information thanks to Jan Bardoul of Heerlen, Netherlands, volunteer caretaker for Norbert Paul's grave at the Netherlands US Military at Margraten; street sign photo thanks to Lizabeth Gades of City of Appleton), Association Membership, Contacts, Memorabilia, Officers, Hall of Fame. 7th Armored Division Association Historian Wesley Johnston digitized 34,000 pages of Morning Reports in 2017, completing the Division (organic and long-term attached: 203 AAA, 446 QM TrTr, 814 TD, 3976 QM Trk) MRs for all of the combat months (August 1944-May 1945) and for July 1945. With the move to St. Vith, 7AD crossed back. The Russian and eastern POW´s were held at (at least) 3 different locations in our town.”. This section is still under construction, and the following are unverified, unless otherwise noted. New Oct 2020 Click here to see the web page that memorializes these 53 men. However, all disinterments are suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic. early May 45: Task force moves far to the east to meet the Russians Marboué, 15 Août 1944 ("Marboué, 15 August 1944: History of the tragic ambush of an American column of the 7th Armored Division, 15 August 1944") -- NOTE: This book is in French. 7th Infantry Division troops negotiate snow and ice during the battle on Attu in May 1943. late April 45: Germany, north to the Baltic New Jan 2021 Seven more casualties who were able to crawl by themselves he guided and encouraged in escaping from the hail of fire. These temporary monuments are really hard to nail down now. 29 Oct 2018 Update: 129th Armored Ordnance Maintenance Battalion (except Med/129 for Sep-Oct 44) and 147th Armored Signal Company are completely posted for all of these months. late March 45: Germany, encirclement of Ruhr Pocket along south and east Some may already be recovered but buried as Unknowns, since 1940's technology could not definitively identify them. Immediately into the fight, the 7th attacked Chartres then Dreux and Melun crossing the Seine River. It is now hoped that DPAA will recognize this powerful evidence that Solers X-43 is almost certainly Leo W. Goers and disinter the remains of X-43 (now buried at the Epinal, France, US Military Cemetery, Plot B, Row 4, Grave 21) for comparison with the DNA of family members of Leo Goers. Wesley Johnston has converted most of his 7AD combat interview books into books now available on Date not yet set: A very large and impressive peace Memorial of the Seille near the Seille River at Sillegny, France, is being erected. Click here to see the web page on this action, including the map. Leonard A. Reamer (photo), Charles H. Bowen, Harry B. Pake (all B/40) died 9 Sep 1944 when their tank was hit just north of Maizieres-les-Metz, France. 1-8 Jun 2020 Update: Partial Additions: Click here to see the book on 7 June 1944 - Set sail for Europe early April 45: Germany, reduction of Ruhr Pocket 446th Quartermaster Troop Transport Company: Oct-Dec 1944, May 1945 But then British ordnance troops, unware of the remains in the tank, loaded it onto a flat car and shipped it to Paris for salvage by the US Army. Zone of Occupied Germany I did get out a couple of newsletters that include information I had uncovered, but that was discontinued as well. 23 Jul 2018 Update: 48th Armored Infantry Battalion is the first to be completely posted for all of these months. DPAA Historians made a second visit with local historians in November 2015. Our membership included many professional musicians as well as some who had not graduated from high school, but we had a monthly quota and some months were more productive than others. Contact Wesley Johnston for more information. You can see all 10 sessions here. Sadly Francis passed away shortly after doing this interview. Since the area remained in combat, it was not until later when British troops controlled the area and found the remains.

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