Abacha (african salad) and Ugba, Nkwobi, Ogbono soup and Okra soup (the igbo way) I had already blogged about. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ye pa. Me sef I want to be sick o. Let this boil for 10 minutes on low heat. You won’t wound me with oppression oh. Dooney’s Kitchen: A Twist of the Traditional Favorite, Yam & Peppersoup with Prawns This past weekend was an intense missing my mummy weekend. Dooney is the blogger, recipe developer and photographer for Dooney's Kitchen. your own Pins on Pinterest Description; Reviews (0) Description. Lol. About moving to my house, hmmmn. The volume was so small it was not enough to boil a piece of fish or meat and I didn’t want to dilute the soup with water. Banga Rice. I will definitely be trying this out. This babe is not playing o. Bring the fluid mixture to a boil and taste for salt and pepper. Cook time: 1 hour. Dec 29, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Ekei Eyo. I used a combination of blended and chopped ata rodo for two reasons. Any idea how it might turn out? I AM = I’M. Discover (and save!) I used stockfish and dry red prawns. Required fields are marked *. DO NOT add spices and seasoning at the beginning (when using meat) because the flavours will greatly reduce by the time your soup is done. Categories: Pepper-soups, Soups and Stew Dishes. After all that cleaning, mummy would cook a world-class breakfast and we had family friends and relatives who timed their Saturday morning arrivals just for that. Fish wish ur fish wit a an keep it aside Se how I meke my own dana wanke na canyashi a colender before insa a tukinya I great my pepper onion sena saka fish din a pot na zuba tarigu NASA maggi citta,clove,curry,sena juya yataba ko INA before nasa akan wuta Welcome to Dooney's Kitchen. However, if using fish, add spices from the beginning because the fish will cook rapidly. I hope you try it in your homes and taste the difference. I decided to prepare it for this post, to showcase another delicacy from Rivers State, and surprise, surprise, it went down very well with native soup. Add about 3-4 cups of water and bring to a boil. Blend all the ata rodo (scotch bonnet/habanero), onions and ginger, then add to the pot. Take off the lid, add the shredded basil leaves. How to make catfish pepper soup. I also didn’t know Fresh basil was my beloved efirin. Yam and Peppersoup smack down. Henceforth, when I make catfish pepper soup I will use prawns. When she’s not cooking, she’s watching the Food Network. So, as an ode to Oladunni Snr, I am sharing a childhood favourite with you. Visit her blog – www.dooneyskitchen.com, Must Watch Video! Women in the South eastern parts of Nigeria have been making sea food pepper soup for ages, I remember my mom making yam pepper soup with shrimp/prawns and other shell fish when I was growing up. Roughly blend 2 pieces of Ata Rodo (use a hand blender or pound using a small mortar and pestle as it is just 2 piece). Dooney's Kitchen: ‘How to make Egusi into balls’ – Lumpy Egusi Soup I have written about Egusi twice now, but it is one of my favourite soups, so I make it a lot. What of the seasoning? Thank me later…wink. This recipe is a keeper! All you need is some fresh fish to knock up a pot of delicious, heart-warming, soul-soothing and belly filling soup, kpokpogari and time to devour it. Add the chopped efinrin/basil leaves, stir by shaking the saucepan in circular motions. Oct 18, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Oluyemisi Adenlewo. The blended ata rodo will colour the water slightly, while the chopped ata rodo is for aesthetics to match the chopped efinrin leaves. It was pricey sha $2 for 1 skinny bunch, the thing that grows in my ma’s backyard like weed (i digress i know) I prefer the cod fish. Catfish pepper soup is a savoury fish broth prepared with catfish and different spices, catfish pepper soup is very particular with Nigerians, it is often sold in restaurants and in few food joints .Catfish pepper soup has a very unique flavour, and it is usually cooked within 15- 20 within minutes because of the soft and flaky nature of the fish. This pepersoup was on point on a different level. But good effort on the tutorial, prep time and pictures. Learn how your comment data is processed. Our vegetable soups can be a little overwhelming for a non Nigerian, so if you are trying to introduce him or her to Nigerian soups, this is a great place to start, as the main ingredient is familiar. Makes a dozen ample servings. Culturally, it is said to be medicinal for women who have just given birth as the spices, herbs and peppers help cleanse the body. Dunni Obata!!!!! Now I can “oppress” with my peppersoup making skills! BN Cuisine with Dooney's Kitchen: A Twist of the Traditional Favorite | Yam & Peppersoup with Prawns, ICYMI: Watch the Farewell Address from Donald & Melania Trump + Mike Pence's Remarks to U.S. Lol. It is best enjoyed this way, but you can reduce the number of pieces of Ata Rodo that you put in it to reduce the heat, Preparation time: 10 minutes and cooking time is approximately 15 minutes. Many in SE Nigeria have been making this for ages. Nigerian Food. Donney, thanks for the hook up. Then you add the smoked fish varieties, and let them boil till they soften, and you can taste their flavour in the palm fruit extract. To soften, and infuse their flavours into the soup) Dooney’s Kitchen tip #4 – Rinse the smoked prawns, dry it with a clean dish towel, ... i.e. 1. I made something similar a fews weeks ago and it was very delish. I spend my days trying to figure out creative ways to redefine Nigerian food, either by creating a new dish itself using ingredients in ways that have never been used before, or changing the approach to Nigerian cooking using kitchen … I believe our food has a lot to offer globally, and with the right exposure, it can stand proud alongside food from other cultures. How to make catfish pepper soup. Once the catfish is done, add salt to taste and leave to simmer for about 5 … Saved by Dooneys Kitchen. Naomi Campbell is Magical Kenya International Tourism Ambassador, Wole Soyinka airs his view on the state of Nigeria in a characteristic unapologetic manner on Arise TV, New Music: Double D O’clock - Wotz De Time, "A new administration will be inaugurated on January 20" - Donald Trump puts out new video acknowledging Joe Biden as Next President, Airplane Manufacturer, Boeing charged with "Conspiracy to Defraud the US" over 737 MAX crash. Dooney’s Kitchen tip: unlike with fish pepepr soup, it is a better choice to blend the ata rodo rather than chop finely. Remember to cook catfish on low heat to allow for the spices to seep into the fish slowly and combine the flavour of the catfish beautifully. #easterdinnercontest. i use the fillet. dunni, God bless you. 1 heaped tablespoon of ground Pepper soup spices 3 pieces of Ata Rodo – scotch bonnet/habanero pepper 1 pound of deveined Prawns 1 handful of Efinrin/basil leaves 1 small red onion Email *. Banga Rice. The unique spongy texture and deeply satisfying flavor of the fish cakes is a winning combination. Season with some salt and set aside. Well, you can make it happen. Right? Feb 12, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Fashion Fractions. Looks like it, tastes like it and 285 calories per cup. People we need to move to Dunni’s house. Cut your onions and grind your pepper with garlic. Add the liquor, fish and pepper, and cook another few minutes, just until the fish is cooked through. I was named after her (first and middle name) and everyone says I’m the exact replica of her, down to manner of walking and tone of voice. Prawns cook pretty fast, and heat also destroys the flavour, so you add prawns towards the tail end of cooking so it releases its juices just in time to combine with the rest of the soup. My mum is great at this. I AM =/= AM Nigerian Food. How To Onunu is served with a spicy fish pepper soup. Saved from dooneyskitchen.com. Continue stirring for another minute. Fish (Cat fish, Croaker, Hake , Bassa, or Cod) – 1kg I used a mixture of Bassa fillets (500g) and Hake slices (500g). In summary, all you need to do is prepare the soup, add the fish, add the aromatic leaves. Savoury Ukwa - African breadfruit Pottage. I have taken mummy’s recipe and improved it by adding Prawns, which introduces an extra dimension of flavour to the pepper soup. PREACH IT OHHHH!!!!! Re-season with more salt if you think it is necessary and go from there. https://sisijemimah.com/2015/09/10/ofe-nsala-white-soup-recipe Unfortunately, until I make a trip to Lagos this year or stumble across it at an African store, I … On the other hand, it is quite sweet of Dooney to share her “recipe” on a public forum for some to try on their own. Also try prawns with red snapper fish, either in pepper soup or banga. I used Basil, which you will be able to soucre easily from any grocery store on the herb aisle. I am the eldest child so you can say I was put through the ringer a bit. A good blend of carbohydrates and proteins for a body wracked with illness. 1. My mum and I are quite close, even though I’m a Daddy’s girl to the core. The instructions you provide are really easy to follow. I mix uda, ehu, and ginger in a ratio of 1:1:2. Yes, Fillet is definitely safer for kids. 1cup of Shredded smoked fish – you can use Eja Osan, Eja Sawa or simple Eja Kika. I got my OCD-esque style of cleaning from her and I was smiling to myself remembering her many famous phrases “hard work does not kill but laziness destroys”, “Ola I would like to see the reflection of my teeth in those bathroom tiles”, “how many times did you scrub the toilet” and her funny ones “heaven forbid that they will tell you in your husband’s house that I didn’t train you well o”, “the fear of mummy is the beginning of wisdom”. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog or send me an email – [email protected] Dooney is the blogger, recipe developer and photographer for Dooney's Kitchen. I am not really a fan of catfish, what other kind of fish can i use, Your email address will not be published. It is recommended for new moms to help to cleanse the uterus and increase milk production. Adding spices half-way leads to well-seasoned protein and a very tasty soup. your own Pins on Pinterest That's basically it. Tuesday – Friday 11.00 am – 9.00 pm Saturday 10.00 am – 10.00 pm Sunday 1.30 pm – 6.30 pm Monday Closed I sometimes make it with two vegetables (recipe HERE ), or I make it very luxurious by … I'm hoping to get us all fired up and talking about Nigerian cooking irrespective of whatever part of the world you live in. Heat a saucepan with a about 1 tablespoon of oil add garlic, ginger, bay leaf, paprika and hot pepper sauté for about a minute. I had leftover catfish pepper soup from hosting friends the day before with no fish. If frozen, make sure they are completely thawed. I’M female. Click on each soup, and you will be directed to the page containing the recipe. Fish Pepper-soup $ 10.99. Outside Naija, you may not easily come across cat fish (although I once saw some live ones for sale at a farmers market in the US), I have found substitutes where  I currently live in Europe. ... Wash the fish with some lemon,add the mashed pepper and onion,garlic,thyme,fish spices,spring onion and water,cook it for like 10min,do not over stir it for you to have good result The prawns in the soup was new to me, but it gave it a li’l something extra. Have a nice weekend. Nigerian Pepper soup cooked with My Active Kitchen Pepper Soup Spice. I decided to prepare it for this post, to showcase another delicacy from Rivers State, and surprise, surprise, it went down very well with native soup. It is called Native soup eaten by the people of Rivers Statue using fish and seafood. Bring the fluid mixture to a boil and taste for salt and pepper. 1 whole catfish – cut into  5 pieces You’ll need about 2 tablespoons of the mix. I don’t know why, but I just woke up feeling really nostalgic and home sick for no apparent reason. 1 small red onion Peppersoup oooooooo, 10 HEALTHY AND YUMMY SNACKS THAT ....www.anemistyle.com. Lol, Oh girl, I love this and I love the pictures more. The flavour of the catfish combining with the prawns was quite surprising. Etinkeni Mmong Ikong Soup is one of the most popular traditional Nigerian soups. I hope I get a response. Fresh or dried, there are a few suggestions to produce a tasty pot. Let the vegetables cook in the soup for 2 – 3 minutes to release their essence into the soup. it is not bony and it doesn’t break off easily into pieces while cooking. BellaNaija is not responsible for the content of external sites and news culled therefrom. I am salivating at my desk here and laughingat your mum’s stories. I’M full. I love your recipes cos it reminds me of me, always trying out, testing. your own Pins on Pinterest Besides, Chicken pepper soup, there are other meat pepper soups like. Leave the covered pot for about 5 mins (fish cooks fast). Hake, Cod or Bassa fish are very good replacements for the cat fish. Nigerian Media Personality Toke Makinwa speaks on What gets on her Nerves – “Started from the Bottom, Really?”, From TV host to Afro Pop Star? Pepper soup spice mix (premixed) or blend together uda seeds, ehu seeds, ginger powder, dry pepper flakes. I'm very passionate about Nigerian food. 25 minutes Ingredients. Easy Nigerian fish stew recipe. The pepper is subject to your taste and you can completely leave out the dry pepper if using fresh pepper. Oct 27, 2014 - Okro Soup by Dooneys Kitchen-My second favorite soup after Oha Soup My father would swear up and down about the origins of Banga Soup, Urhobo to be specific. Looks like it, tastes like it and 285 calories per cup. I spend my days trying to figure out creative ways to redefine Nigerian food, either by creating a new dish itself using ingredients in ways that have never been used before, or changing the approach to Nigerian cooking using kitchen … While the fish is cooking, boil the cubes of yam under high heat, for the same amount of time. thanks dearie….and u are so hardworking…av a swell weekend with lots of kitchen discoveries ‘cos am waiting for more great dishes and u’ll sure get the credit Dunni. OMG, lmao. Saved from dooneyskitchen.com. Beef is rarely used to make pepper soup on its own. About the food: Our trademark Tilapia fish peppersoup is enjoyed as a light meal or used as … Add fresh fennel leaves to garnish, if desired. fish, olive oil, ground black pepper, fennel, red chilli, chopped tomatoes and 10 more Tomato Fish Soup belgianfoodie.com cumin, olive oil, fish, cayenne pepper, white wine, shellfish and 7 more if you don’t have any close to you don’t sweat it. Short story – I experienced a certain aha moment 2 weeks ago. Periwinkle – (optional) 2 Red bell Peppers – Tatashe. ... Bean Recipes Healthy Recipes Healthy Meals Raw Nuts How To Cook Beans Nigerian Food Smoked Fish Yummy Food Tasty. Make sure the soup tastes the way you want it at this point because after adding the fish, the process will be very fast and short. She loves entertainment and one of her bad habits is feeding people. Italian Fish Stew Do you ever make something andContinue Reading Welcome to The Dooney's Kitchen experience. This dish is an alternative to Egusi soup. Did u hire a photographer or what, I had to scroll up again to be sure say no be one kind chef. This dish is an alternative to Egusi soup. All that pepper will kill all the nasties sharply and your appetite will resume in full force. It is a Nigerian favourite, especially in the South and the East and it is seen as a festive or special dish. Wooossh! I used a combination of blended and chopped ata rodo for two reasons. Put the fish in a deep saucepan and add 3 cups of water, the chopped red onion and ata rodo, 1-heaped tablespoon of spices, and the blended ata rodo. Discover (and save!) Apr 1, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by tina eboh. safe for kids too. Right? Bini Owo Soup. Put the fish in a deep saucepan and add 3 cups of water, the chopped red onion and ata rodo, 1-heaped tablespoon of spices, and the blended ata rodo. Oya, oppress me back and prepare your own. Looks like it, tastes like it and 285 calories per cup. Hope you enjoy watching! 490 W Main St, Avon, Massachusetts. Chop the red onion and 1 piece of ata rodo and set aside. I am going to make this for dinner today. It is often combined with oxtail, cow hooves, tripe, offal and intestines. ____________________________________________________________________________ Quantity. Sit at the table, contrary to your desire to curl up on the couch. Dunni Obata is an IT Project Manager by day and a cook the rest of the time. This dish is an alternative to Egusi soup. Ofe Nsala (none soup), is also on the blog, thanks to Ms Socially Awkward who sent in an amazing recipe (shout out to her). Oha Soup was another option but I did not have the Oha or Ora vegetable, so that was out. Wash, clean and gut fish with lime/lemon juice to get rid of the sliminess. Just a quick question. In a pot, I began by toasting the spice blend to release the oils and aromatics, stirring till I begin to smell it and then I added some water, salt, dry pepper and let it simmer for a bit. Fish cake soup. Fish Pepper-soup. Wash your fish. https://sisijemimah.com/2015/07/06/buka-stew-iya-basiras-recipe This dish is an alternative to Egusi soup. Other types of Pepper soup. PREACH IT WELL WELL!! 1. 1 serving Onions Pepper Garlic Spices Ginger Fish Oil Steps. There are many signature pepper soup joints scattered all over the place brimming with hot steamy pots of delicious pepper soup mostly cooked with fresh fish or goat meat. I hate when people use “am” instead of “I’m” too though. Part of my recovery involved eating very spicy Yam and Catfish Pepper soup which mummy made so well. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. also prep the other ingredients too This recipe is a keeper! Many thanks. Stock chicken or beef stock– 3 cups or 600mls. Nigerian mothers are the same kai. 1 heaped tablespoon of ground Pepper soup spices In many parts of the Niger Delta, it works as a great accompaniment to pepper soup, one the riverine Ijaws call it Gbena yei. your own Pins on Pinterest.. In Nigeria, pepper soup is often made with ‘hard’ soup chicken, called ‘old layers’, which are considered tastier than soft , young chicken (‘broilers’). 3 pieces of Ata Rodo – scotch bonnet/habanero pepper Add the prawns and let it cook for 3 minutes. Ofada Check, Peppersoup check, Banga…. Chop the efinrin/basil leaves and set aside . Onunu is served with a spicy fish pepper soup. Start with a small pinch, shake the pot and let it settle and taste. It is very nutritious, medicinal and native to the Efik people of Nigeria. And though it is called pepper soup, peppers are not its only component, far … On a cold winter night or on a day you’ve got a runny nose, one thing you’ll really love is a bowl of freshly made fish pepper soup. Make sure the soup tastes the way you want it at this point because after adding the fish, the process will be very fast and short. 4 pieces of Ata Rodo – scotch bonnet/habanero pepper. Thanks. Discover (and save!) Jan 9, 2015 - Welcome to the Nigerian Soups page. More grease to your elbows Dooney. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email or drop a comment. So part of dealing with my nostalgia, I prepared one of the dishes from her famous Saturday morning breakfast and I picked up the phone and we talked shop for hours. Put the stock in a pot, add the bouillion cubes, add the spice, add pepper if not already included in the mix. Hmmmm,I’m thinking of using chicken instead of catfish. I can’t be specific here because the amount of cubes or salt you would need to put also depends on how much salt you had in the stock. This recipe is a keeper! Here, I use fresh Basil. How about that? Oh Jeez Dunni! Whilst partaking in my regular weekend house chores, I kept getting flashbacks about her instructions on cleaning the house. 1 pound of deveined Prawns Discover (and save!) I’M male. As interesting as this is, it really isn’t a new recipe. Chop the efinrin/basil leaves and set aside . A delicious comfort dish, a little bit stew, a little bit soup!

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