Artificial Intelligence MSc University of Essex partner course, based at NSIRC with TWI in Cambridge At NSIRC, we work with universities and business to create postgraduate courses that are more applicable to the current and future needs of Industry. We accept a wide range of qualifications from applicants studying in the EU and other countries. It is the first of its kind degree in the UK and aims to help society towards a future where AI is used ethically and for good. MSc in Artificial Intelligence is ideal for those who intend to read for their Doctoral Degree in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or any other high-end computing area. The industrial sectors included in TWI research include Energy, Defence, Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, Electrical and Sensors, Medical Equipment and more. Several of these labs can be accessed 24/7, and students can access all labs apart from when a class is in session. Evolve your skillset with this specialist programme in the rapidly growing sector of computer science. Jobs in machine learning, software solutions and research all use this growing subject to make computers faster and smarter.Education in the United States is mainly provided by the public sector, with control and funding coming from three levels: state, local, and federal, in that order. Probationary lecturers in computing are encouraged to read the MSc in AI as a preparatory course for a PhD. What You Will Study: Students at Imperial College London gain the technical skills to work in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the course is aimed at students with a strong background in Mathematics. MSc Artificial Intelligence General Program Description About the School Ask a Question Contact School. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly developing and is increasingly being applied across sectors, posing significant ethical and societal challenges. Courses are assessed on the results of your written examinations, together with continual assessments of your practical work and coursework. Copyright 2005-2021 General. MSc in Artificial Intelligence (AI) MSc in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Master in AI with Essex University and TWI Ltd Starting in October 2021, this full-time Artificial Intelligence, UK programme takes place at NSIRC, TWI Headquarters, Cambridge. Partnership with TWI, globally renowned research and development centre, with over 800 staff around the world, whose members include Ford, Roll-Royce, BEA Systems, EDF, Aramco and ADNOC to name a few. By being at TWI, students will have the opportunity to attend events led by TWI that take place onsite or online. The course also encompasses the business, regulation and ethics aspects of modern AI. We've been helping students find the right postgraduate course for over a decade. This keeps and insures course relevance, define the structure of core modules and makes them adaptable. MSc in Artificial Intelligence – Imperial College London Cost: £14,000 for UK and EU students / £30,500 for international students. Many of the research groups are based at laboratories offering world-class facilities and equipment. The University of Surrey’s new MSc in Artifical Intelligence (AI) is the only course of its kind in the UK. This experience will enrich the programme with students gaining access to specialist facilities, equipment and industrial expertise not accessible to standard university programmes. These new technologies offer a multitude of opportunities for skilled engineers with an understanding of their applications and intricacies. Through a chosen research project, students will conduct an in-depth on a chosen topic from April. Mathematics, Calculus, Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability and statistics, Signals and systems, Control theory, Control systems, Computer systems, Embedded systems, Microprocessors). The MSc in Artificial Intelligence is an academic programme informed by the clinical and academic experience of the lecturers. Assessment is approached creatively with a range of assessment strategies including essay writing, in-class presentation, graded group dissertation and … From self-driving cars to chess-playing computers, artificial intelligence (AI) has been shaping our world for some time now. MSc Project in Artificial Intelligence (CS5917) 60 Credit Points This course will provide students of our MSc in AI programme with the opportunity to develop their own AI research project, under the supervision of a member of staff. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are redefining the way we live and work, allowing us to automate processes and enhance productivity. Essex brings to NSIRC staff with experience across a variety of fields, including materials science, semiconductor device physics, the theory of computation, philosophy of computer science and many more.

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