Sturgill Simpson, the oft-unheralded, overlooked, under-appreciated, GRAMMY award-winning country artist from Jackson, Kentucky has gone back to his Appalachian roots with a massive 20-track bluegrass album, Cuttin’ Grass Vol. Tracklist: 01. Just as he did with the first installment, Vol. So on one of many boring days in quarantine, I made some goofy post in character as a backwoods badass named “Dick Daddy” running a fictitious survival school looking for new recruits, and somebody commented, “If you put that on a t-shirt, I’d buy it.” So I thought, what if I put it on 30,000 t-shirts and give that money to charity? share. 12. We were in Europe back in January and February, and then came back to do arena shows in the US starting in late February. So she basically said, “Don’t come home if that thing’s not on the album” I thought it turned out really pretty, really beautiful, everybody did a great job on it. After that, I spent the next eight years or so obsessively scouring the earth for any and all of the old recordings of this music I could find. Add Review. I cannot fix or change any of this. He got some killer players on this. Subtotal: Checkout. Long White Line 11. 1, with the only lingering question being when we can expect Vol. My paternal grandfather was sort of a bluegrass freak. I was there for about a year, and the only thing I did was sit in my cinder block garage apartment and go to the Station Inn every Sunday night to play bluegrass. Holy shit volume 1 is 20 songs? Otherwise I may have just as easily spent all summer fishing and changing diapers. Similarly, Sturgill Simpson proves his place as the frontman of an ambitiously populated bluegrass band on Cuttin’ Grass Vol. I didn't think I'd like it that much, but I'm obsessed. Press J to jump to the feed. Tyler and Sturgill bluegrass albums within a month is a dream come true, Some of the L tracks aren't in the right order. The next morning I was in the ER with pre-stroke blood pressure levels, feeling like I had an invisible ratchet strap cranking down around my chest. “I Don’t Mind” is a song I wrote in 2006 or 2007, and it’s probably my wife’s favorite song that I’ve ever written. In high school I was completely obsessed with electric blues and guitar playing. 24.3k members in the country community. report. I had it in my mind for a long time that someday I wanted to cut as many of these songs as possible in that fashion, just organic and stripped down to the raw bones of the composition, without any heady production. It should sound like a train rolling. She also kept everyone on their best behavior in the studio. I really loved what Sierra Hull, who sings and plays mandolin, did on “Breaker’s Roar”—she put these lilting harmonies on it that made it just as pretty as the strings on the Sailor’s Guide record. This item: Cuttin' Grass by Sturgill Simpson Audio CD $10.39. It’s called Cuttin’ Grass Vol. hide. Pretty much took that concert he did and turned it into album. This album for me was always just supposed to be a sort of simple mix tape for my fans, so it’s somewhat funny to me to think we might play TV shows and what not to promote it, and for a time I’ll be considered a bluegrass musician. He just lived and ate and breathed it, and every time he’d come to visit, he’d try to shove it down my throat. As a result it was the fastest recording I’ve ever made. Press J to jump to the feed. He has also probably forgotten more about recording music than most people will ever know in this life, so I put myself in his hands and asked him to produce the sessions so I could focus more on having fun and singing. If you can’t sit down and play the song like that, it’s probably not a very good song. 1 (The Butcher Shoppe Sessions) This album started when I was in the third grade. That bastard did it again. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. This was pre-YouTube era, so it wasn’t that easy. Sturgill Simpson – Cuttin’ Grass -2020 FLAC 3024 Kbps Oct 15. I’m so excited. He played a little mandolin, and after he retired, he’d travel around to bluegrass festivals in his motor home making field recordings. Just as country and bluegrass fans were just settling in for a long Winter’s nap Thursday evening (12-10), alerts started going off that Sturgill Simpson wasn’t just messing with us when he titled his recent Cuttin’ Grass album Vol. share. Seeing many artists using the time to bring out records when we didn’t expect them to do so, has helped to look forward to things, when nothing else has! The thing I’ve realized about the ride I’ve been on these past seven years is that to me, despite what others may call and label them, all my records are simply “American music.” My head and my heart go different directions all the time, and when you put out a record, it becomes this definitive thing, like "this is who you are now" because people need to define things for the cycle of that album. 1.. 8 comments. John Sturgill Simpson (born June 8, 1978) is an American country music singer-songwriter and actor. Fucking phenomenal album. No matter this albums one of my favorites. Welcome to the Sturgill Simpson Official Store! I couldn’t make sense of it, as I had lost a ton of weight in recent months in preparations for the tour and was living cleaner than ever. If I had to say what’s the most definitively bluegrass song on the record, I would probably say “All the Pretty Colors.” The performance, the feel, the lyrical content, that could be like a bluegrass standard some day. 1 (The Butcher Shoppe Sessions). 20. All the songs I’ve ever recorded in my life were written on one guitar, a Martin HD-28 I've owned since I was much younger, and sung in a fashion that was probably closer to bluegrass or country blues than to anything else.

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