PCS Response To COVID-19

Beyond business as usual: PCS responds to COVID-19
We are focused on ensuring the safety of our employees, supporting our customers, and providing humanitarian assistance to our local communities.
Supporting our employees
To assist our employees through this challenging period, we have enhanced protections to limit exposure to COVID-19 including providing additional personal protective equipment (PPE) and implementing expanded occupational safety and health protocols. These additional measures include the following:
  • Providing employees with guidance on effective infection control, including social distancing and wearing face coverings.
  • Supplying employees with necessary PPE, including face coverings, to follow infection control protocols.
  • Enabling work-from-home when possible, including with technology provided by the company.
  • Regularly disinfecting company facilities, including in a manner specific to COVID-19.
  • Addressing any potential worksite contamination events with immediate response, including additional disinfection and appropriate work-from-home and quarantine protocols.
  • Implementing other measures consistent with guidance from state and local authorities.
Supporting our customers

We are continuously reviewing the implications of the COVID crisis on our own logistics and delivery as well. We will provide guidance to customers immediately should interruptions become likely.

Supporting our communities

As communities around the world step up to fight the pandemic, we are committed to doing our part, starting by donating PPE supplies to local healthcare workers.

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