Let’s take a look at the three different types of metrology. The electronic items tend to be cheaper than the mechanical items. The digital measuring instruments indicate the values of the quantity in digital format that is in numbers, … Before knowing the instruments, you need to know the units of measurement in both C.G.S and M.K.S System and are as follows. One has to learn reading such instruments since there are certain markings on the scale. You can find digital instruments in the cars, air planes, motor cycles, and also in places like air ports, railway stations, public places etc. In this write up, we shall discuss various measurement instruments that can be used alongside with studies that are suitable for them. Sometimes these instrument show some readings even though there is no applied measurable parameter. The method used ought to be provable. The Instruments duty is to measure the given specimen according to the given dimensions. Measurement instruments and systems. The output of the digital devices can be obtained in the computer. Electronic distance measurement (EDM) is a method of determining the length between two points, using phase changes, that occur as electromagnetic energy waves travels from one end of the line to the other end. The Surface plate is used for testing the flatness of a w/p.It is also used for Precision inspection, marking out layout and tooling setup. Pressure measurement is the analysis of an applied force by a fluid (liquid or gas) on a surface. Three Different Types of Metrology. It is calibrated in terms of mm, cm and inches. These instruments give output in terms of physical constant of the instruments. There are also some disadvantages of the digital instruments. 3. Engineering Drawing Instruments and Their Usage [PDF], In this paper, I am going to familiarize you with the Engineering Drawing Instrument. HVAC: Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning, Advantages and Disadvantages of the Digital Instruments, This post is part of the series: Measuring Instruments, Commercial Energy Usage: Learn about Emission Levels of Commercial Buildings, Time to Upgrade Your HVAC? The types are:- 1. This is used for marking parallel lines from a finished edge and also for locating the center. The signal obtained from these instruments can also be used for operating some controls. In case of high humidity and corrosive atmosphere the internal parts may get damaged and indicate the faulty values. Similarly, the thermostat starts or stops the compressor of the refrigeration system depending on the temperature achieved in the evaporator. The analogue instruments indicate the magnitude of the quantity in the form of the pointer movement. All Rights Reserved. Before going into the types of errors, let’s distinguish between three terms: accuracy, least count, and precision. Required fields are marked *, Engineering Drawing Instruments and Their Usage [PDF] In this paper, I am going to familiarize you with the Engineering Drawing Instrument. For example, temperature measurement is an example of an interval scale: 60°C is colder than 65°C and the difference in temperature is the same as the difference between 50°C and 55°C. Here they are: Sometimes they tend to indicate erratic values due to faulty electronic circuit or damaged display. In future their use is sure to increase much more. There are different types of measurement instruments that can be used by researchers for their studies; it depends on the nature of research that is to be carried out. A measuring devices which use to measure or compare unknown quantity with standard quantity is called as ‘Measuring Instrument’ In simple words, sometimes, the measuring instrument called as ‘Meter’. The best example of these errors is a person or operator reading pressure gage 1.01N/m2 as 1.10N/m2. Published on September 6, 2019 by Fiona Middleton. The digital measuring instruments indicate the values of the quantity in digital format that is in numbers, which can be read easily. Since there is no human error involved in reading these instruments, they are more accurate than the analogue measuring instruments. The small reading reduces the error of the calculation. People in ancient times used the different parts of their bodies to size things up. Types of Angular Measuring Instruments: There are various types of Angular Measurements which are based on various standards, and those are the following:…, Fitting Workshop Tools: Holding, Measuring, Marking, Cutting, Finishing, Striking & Power Tools [PDF] Fitting is the process of assembling various parts manufactured in the machine shop. There are many other functions performed by the instruments as indicated below: 1) Indicating the value of the physical quantity: The instruments are calibrated against the standard values of the physical quantities. Vernier Callipers is used to measure the dimensions of the given specimen like diameter(Outer Dia and Inner dia), length and depth etc. In general, measuring systems comprise a number of functional elements. These instruments are keep in safe place and maintaining the clean and dry places. In other words, the closeness of the measured value to a standard or true value. Interval Scales 4. These instruments usually used for the measuring the geometry of objects.

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