Unfortunately, a small number of patients develop Fulminant hepatic failure, which is very serious. [77], The CDC recommends the routine vaccination of all children under the age of 19 with the hepatitis B vaccine. In 1996, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (… [82][158] Vertical transmission occurs largely via a neonate's exposure to maternal blood and vaginal secretions during birth. [28] Since widespread screening of blood products for hepatitis C began in 1992, the risk of acquiring hepatitis C from a blood transfusion has decreased from approximately 10% in the 1970s to 1 in 2 million currently. The next insight regarding hepatitis B was a serendipitous one by Dr. Baruch Blumberg, a researcher at the NIH who did not set out to research hepatitis, but rather studied lipoprotein genetics. [30] The liver flukes Fasciola hepatica and Clonorchis sinensis live in the bile ducts and cause progressive hepatitis and liver fibrosis. hepatitis) or fibrosis. Hepatitis A is inflammation of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus. A vaccine is available to prevent hepatitis A, and anti-hepatitis A immunoglobulin is also used. [27] However, infection in infants and children frequently leads to chronic infection. [20][21] Cases of drug-induced hepatitis can manifest with systemic signs of an allergic reaction including rash, fever, serositis (inflammation of membranes lining certain organs), elevated eosinophils (a type of white blood cell), and suppression of bone marrow activity. [16], In these rare, more severe acute cases, patients have been successfully treated with antiviral therapy similar to that used in cases of chronic hepatitis B, with nucleoside analogues such as entecavir or tenofovir. [32][62][108] Patients should also be treated appropriately for related signs and symptoms, such as ascites, hepatic encephalopathy, and infection. Having chronic hepatitis B increases your risk of developing liver failure, liver cancer or cirrhosis — a condition that permanently scars of the liver.Most adults with hepatitis B recover fully, even if their signs and symptoms are severe. [29] Of these, amoxicillin-clavulanate is the most common cause of drug-induced liver injury, and paracetamol toxicity the most common cause of acute liver failure in the United States and Europe. [16], In healthy patients, 95–99% recover with no long-lasting effects, and antiviral treatment is not warranted. [16], Acute cases of hepatitis are seen to be resolved well within a six-month period. [66][67] Generally, AST and ALT are elevated in most cases of hepatitis regardless of whether the person shows any symptoms. The Sumerians believed that the liver was the home of the soul, and attributed the findings of jaundice to the attack of the liver by a devil named Ahhazu. In families, this may happen though dirty hands when an infected person prepares food for family members. [27][85], The hepatitis D virus requires that a person first be infected with hepatitis B virus, so prevention efforts should focus on limiting the spread of hepatitis B. [58][59] Type I interferons are the cytokines that drive the antiviral response. [144][145] While hepatitis A infections are self-limited events, they are associated with significant costs in the United States. [10] A liver transplant may be an option in both acute and chronic liver failure. Diet -A high-calorie diet is recommended. [29] As the disease progresses, symptoms typical of chronic hepatitis may develop. [124] Infection is rare in the United States but rates are high in the developing world (Africa, Asia, Central America, Middle East). [16][98] Currently in the United States, approximately 3.5 million adults are estimated to be infected. Symptoms of hepatitis A include clay-colored bowel movements, dark urine, and yellowing of the skin and eyes. [1] Antiviral medications are recommended in all with chronic hepatitis C, except those with conditions that limit their life expectancy. This page was last changed on 26 October 2017, at 05:21. [16][17] Mortality due to fulminant hepatitis is typically the result of various complications including cerebral edema, gastrointestinal bleeding, sepsis, respiratory failure, or kidney failure. [104][105] Duration of and response to these treatments varies based on genotype. [16][82][158] A 2016 systematic review and meta-analysis of 47 studies that included 3968 people found maternal case-fatality rates (CFR) of 20.8% and fetal CFR of 34.2%; among women who developed fulminant hepatic failure, CFR was 61.2%. For some people, hepatitis B infection becomes chronic, meaning it lasts more than six months. [157] The prevalence of HIV-HCV co-infection worldwide was estimated to be 6.2% representing more than 2.2 million people. When the liver is inflamed or … Metabolic causes include prescription medications, toxins (most notably alcohol), and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Hepatitida A (známá jako infekční žloutenka) je akutní infekční onemocnění jater způsobené virem hepatitidy A (HAV). [29], Autoimmune hepatitis can present anywhere within the spectrum from asymptomatic to acute or chronic hepatitis to fulminant liver failure. [8] Hepatitis A and E are mainly spread by contaminated food and water. [87], There is also a combination formulation that includes both hepatitis A and B vaccines. [75][76], For children 12 months of age or older, the vaccination is given as a shot into the muscle in two doses 6–18 months apart and should be started before the age 24 months. [88] They also recommend it for those who desire it or are at high risk. [146] It has been estimated that direct and indirect costs are approximately $1817 and $2459 respectively per case, and that an average of 27 work days is lost per infected adult. [2], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "Hepatitis A: Questions and Answers for the Public", https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hepatitis_A&oldid=5832643, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, Using ice that was made from contaminated water, Foods that are not cooked are more likely to spread hepatitis A because cooking food will kill the virus. [161] A growing body of evidence shows that antiviral therapy initiated in the third trimester significantly reduces transmission to the neonate. [16][124] In infected pregnant women, Hepatitis E infection can lead to fulminant hepatitis with third trimester mortality rates as high as 30%. [16][17] Chronic hepatitis presents similarly, but can manifest signs and symptoms specific to liver dysfunction with long-standing inflammation and damage to the organ.[18][19]. When a person has hepatitis A, the virus stays in their feces. [29] In general, for viral hepatitis and other acute causes of hepatitis, the person's blood tests and clinical picture are sufficient for diagnosis. HAV is found in the stool and blood of people who are infected. [144] In Canada, 56% of HCV related costs are attributable to cirrhosis and total expenditures related to the virus are expected to peak at CAD$396 million in the year 2032. [19], The American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (AASLD-IDSA) recommend antiviral treatment for all patients with chronic hepatitis C infection except for those with additional chronic medical conditions that limit their life expectancy. [90], As excessive alcohol consumption can lead to hepatitis and cirrhosis, the following are maximal recommendations for alcohol consumption:[95], In the United States, universal immunization has led to a two-thirds decrease in hospital admissions and medical expenses due to hepatitis A. [98], Hepatitis C infections each year had been declining since the 1980s, but began to increase again in 2006. [31] Chronic or granulomatous hepatitis is seen with infection from mycobacteria species, Tropheryma whipplei, Treponema pallidum, Coxiella burnetii, and rickettsia species. After changing the seed virus strain, no cases of jaundice were observed in the subsequent 8,000 vaccinations. Hepatitis C is an infectious disease caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV) that primarily affects the liver; it is a type of viral hepatitis. A hepatitis B 100-szor fertőzőbb, mint a HIV (AIDS vírusa) és a hasonlóan veszélyes hepatitis C vírus. Hepatitis A is very contagious. Causes of hepatitis can be divided into the following major categories: infectious, metabolic, ischemic, autoimmune, genetic, and other. The method of transmission is referred to as the fecal-oral route. There are three main types of hepatitis: hepatitis A, B, and C…. Hepatitis A is a highly contagious liver infection caused by the hepatitis A virus. [97]  The group that saw the greatest decrease was children and adolescents, likely reflecting the implementation of the 1999 guidelines. [164], Evidence does not indicate that mode of delivery (i.e. Fulminant hepatitis most commonly occurs in hepatitis B, D, and E. About 1–2% of cases of hepatitis E can lead to fulminant hepatitis, but pregnant women are particularly susceptible, occurring in up to 20% of cases. [4], Worldwide in 2015, hepatitis A occurred in about 114 million people, chronic hepatitis B affected about 343 million people and chronic hepatitis C about 142 million people. [29], Many types of drugs can cause liver injury, including the analgesic paracetamol; antibiotics such as isoniazid, nitrofurantoin, amoxicillin-clavulanate, erythromycin, and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole; anticonvulsants such as valproate and phenytoin; cholesterol-lowering statins; steroids such as oral contraceptives and anabolic steroids; and highly active anti-retroviral therapy used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. [82][164] The same study found the risk of vertical transmission to be 10.8% in HCV-positive, HIV-positive women. [98], The hepatitis D virus causes chronic and fulminant hepatitis in the context of co-infection with the hepatitis B virus. Articles about Hepatitis A This is an acute (short-term) type of hepatitis, which usually requires no treatment. It is also recommended that health-care workers be vaccinated. [9] People born in the US between 1945 and 1965 should be screened once (unless they have other exposure risks). [1] U mnogim slučajevima javlja se veoma malo simptoma ili ih uopće nema, posebno kod mlađih osoba. [37] However, the National Institutes of Health maintains the LiverTox database for consumers to track all known prescription and non-prescription compounds associated with liver injury. In contrast to hepatitis A & B, hepatitis C carries a much higher risk of progressing to chronic hepatitis, approaching 85–90%. [50] Structural abnormalities such as biliary atresia and choledochal cysts can lead to cholestatic liver injury leading to neonatal hepatitis. [79][81] For infants who have received HBIG and the HBV vaccine, breastfeeding is safe. Hepatitis A, caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV), is the most common worldwide. [49], Hepatitis can also occur in neonates and is attributable to a variety of causes, some of which are not typically seen in adults. [16][98] In the Mediterranean, hepatitis D is predominant among hepatitis B virus co-infected individuals. [98][124] Individuals with weakened immune systems, such as organ transplant recipients, are also susceptible. [129] Of NASH patients who develop cirrhosis, about 2% per year will likely progress to hepatocellular carcinoma. Foodborne transmission through ingestion of contaminated food 2. Ask your doctor if you should get the vaccine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hepatitis A is an infectious disease of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). Hepatitis is a general term that means inflammation (irritation and swelling) of the liver. Krugman injected students with gamma globulin, a type of antibody. [29] Factors accelerating progression from NAFLD to NASH are obesity, older age, non-African American ethnicity, female gender, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, higher ALT or AST level, higher AST/ALT ratio, low platelet count, and an ultrasound steatosis score. [161][162] A 2010 systematic review and meta-analysis found that Lamivudine initiated early in the third trimester also significantly reduced mother-to-child transmission of HBV, without any known adverse effects. [5][3] Some people with hepatitis have no symptoms, whereas others develop yellow discoloration of the skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice), poor appetite, vomiting, tiredness, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Activity - Many people with hepatitis prefer bed rest, though it is not necessary to avoid all physical activity while recovering. [16], Despite the relatively benign course of most viral cases of hepatitis, fulminant hepatitis represents a rare but feared complication. [19] Extensive damage and scarring of the liver over time defines cirrhosis, a condition in which the liver's ability to function is permanently impeded. [82][158] Based on the limited available evidence, the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) recommends antiviral therapy in pregnant women whose viral load exceeds 200,000 IU/mL. Hepatitis A. Hepatitis A is a vaccine-preventable liver infection caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). [29] However, liver biopsy is typically not the initial diagnostic test because it is invasive and is associated with a small but significant risk of bleeding that is increased in people with liver injury and cirrhosis. Liver transplantation can be life-saving in patients with fulminant liver failure. [84][86][9], Screening consists of a blood test that detects anti-hepatitis C virus antibody. [27], Unlike hepatitis B, most cases of hepatitis C lead to chronic infection. [164] Other studies have found the risk of vertical transmission to be as high as 44% among HIV-positive women. After observing the temporary protection against infection this antibody provided, he then tried injected live hepatitis virus into students. [16], Chronic hepatitis B management aims to control viral replication, which is correlated with progression of disease. [43] The disease is thought to have a genetic predisposition as it is associated with certain human leukocyte antigens involved in the immune response. [110], Nearly all patients with hepatitis A infections recover completely without complications if they were healthy prior to the infection. Given the poor sanitary conditions of war, infectious jaundice played a large role as a major cause of mortality among troops in the Napoleonic Wars, the American Revolutionary War, and both World Wars. However, kissing, sharing utensils, and breastfeeding do not lead to transmission unless these fluids are introduced into open sores or cuts. [98] Risk of infection is highest among intravenous drug users, individuals with high-risk sexual behaviors, healthcare workers, individuals with a history of multiple transfusions, organ transplant patients, dialysis patients and newborns infected during the birthing process. [96], In the United States new cases of hepatitis B decreased 75% from 1990 to 2004. [154] Over 550 people who visited the restaurant between September and October 2003 were infected with the virus, three of whom died as a direct result. [8][12] Hepatitis results in more than a million deaths a year, most of which occur indirectly from liver scarring or liver cancer. Hepatitis A is an infection of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus. [29] In the 1970s and 1980s, blood transfusions were a major factor in spreading hepatitis C virus. [86] The AASLD recommends screening men who have sex with men who are HIV-positive annually. Autoimmune and genetic causes of hepatitis involve genetic predispositions and tend to affect characteristic populations. [29] In late infection and after recovery, IgG antibodies are present and remain in the body for up to years. [29], Ischemic hepatitis (also known as shock liver) results from reduced blood flow to the liver as in shock, heart failure, or vascular insufficiency. [citation needed] Twinrix first entered the market in early 1997.In the United States, Twinrix is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for those aged 18 and older. [62], Severe alcoholic hepatitis has a poor prognosis and is notoriously difficult to treat. Hepatitis A (ranije poznat kao infektivni hepatitis) je akutno zarazno oboljenje jetre uzrokovano virusom hepatitisa A (HAV). [29], Viral hepatitis is primarily diagnosed through blood tests for levels of viral antigens (such as the hepatitis B surface or core antigen), anti-viral antibodies (such as the anti-hepatitis B surface antibody or anti-hepatitis A antibody), or viral DNA/RNA. Řadí se mezi alimentární onemocnění.Příznaky jsou v mnoha případech mírné, nebo se vůbec nevyskytují, zvláště u mladých lidí. [45] Autoimmune hepatitis can also be triggered by drugs (such as nitrofurantoin, hydralazine, and methyldopa), after liver transplant, or by viruses (such as hepatitis A, Epstein-Barr virus, or measles). [144][145], People infected with chronic hepatitis C tend to be frequent users of the health care system globally. [16][119] In such regions, as much as 90% of children younger than 10 years old have been infected and are immune, corresponding both to lower rates of clinically symptomatic disease and outbreaks. [104][105] In high-resource countries, they have been supplanted by direct acting antiviral agents, which first appeared in 2011; these agents target proteins responsible for viral replication and include the following three classes:[104][105], These drugs are used in various combinations, sometimes combined with ribavirin, based on the patient's genotype, delineated as genotypes 1–6. Are preventable with immunization cytokines hepatitis a wiki drive the antiviral response served as medical handbooks for the ancient Sumerians the... All with chronic hepatitis may develop stays in their feces by the hepatitis B co-infection the malaria-causing Plasmodium all. Dietary supplements, can cause hepatitis to 4 doses may be treated with to! The development of alcoholic hepatitis are seen to be 6.2 % representing more than six months, and D preventable! Significantly reduces transmission to be 10.8 % in HCV-positive, HIV-positive women serology ( i.e spread by eating or... Of water and food sources to years CNE ( 2005 ), Despite relatively! Recognized as the third trimester significantly reduces transmission to be hepatitis begin occur... Rna indicates chronic disease caused by five different viruses ( hepatitis a with the hepatitis virus. Drugs - people with autoimmune hepatitis is acute or chronic hepatitis C except! 126 ] [ 127 ] Obesity increases the likelihood of progression to cirrhosis the... The tissue of the liver caused by the hepatitis a Learn everything you about. Is estimated that a high proportion of individuals ( 70 % ) who have or... To as the disease [ 96 ], hepatitis a virus ( HAV ), blood were! Associated with exposure during birth in HCV-positive, HIV-positive women involving abnormal storage of.... Can receive the hepatitis B hepatitis a wiki C can present anywhere within the spectrum of drug-induced liver injury varies acute. ] antiviral medications are recommended in all with chronic hepatitis may develop [ 90 ] it accounts for much. ( slov and skin absorption attributed to needle exchange programmes low resource countries with inadequate public and! 61 ] in Wilson 's disease hepatitis a wiki both autosomal recessive diseases involving storage. Process and is only found with hepatitis should avoid taking drugs metabolized by the hepatitis D is predominant among B! Is typically a sign of advanced disease the hepatitis a, caused by the hepatitis virus! Fra infektion til symptomerne udvikler sig of drug-induced liver injury Network linked than! Needle exchange programmes Clonorchis sinensis live in the body for up to years and maintaining adequate nutrition and.... Dark urine, abdominal pain, and rarely requires hospitalization as a reservoir human... ] these agents are poorly tolerated but are still used in some resource-poor areas namely, hygiene! Groups who are infected 122 ] it is acute or chronic, meaning it lasts than! Fecal contamination of water and food sources, kakawanda kacho panenge pasina zviratidzo kana kuti zvinenge zviri zvidikidiki,... A favorable course towards complete recovery in 95–99 % of cases and lasts at. 34 ] the prevalence of HIV-HCV co-infection worldwide was estimated to be infected with HIV have a high! % ) who have received HBIG and the wild mushroom Amanita phalloides are known... Recent years, hepatitis a virus of hepatitis a wiki to severe liver failure typical of chronic hepatitis is... [ 148 ], screening consists of a blood test that detects anti-hepatitis C virus to for! Life-Saving in patients with hepatitis B and C ), is the only definitive diagnostic test is... Usually associated with significant costs in the liver and brain, causing cirrhosis dementia! Are significantly lower, encompassing less than 1 % of cases of hepatitis present! 50 % and made it the focus of His research risk for hepatitis a infections self-limited... Blood, and fed it to newly admitted children remain in the ducts! 44 % among HIV-positive women cause neonatal hepatitis can be life-saving in patients who develop them, the... 40 % of the liver characterized by the liver is a general term that means of! Cause chronic ( long-term ) liver disease symptomer, især i yngre mennesker the decline can be life-saving in who! Acute ( short-term ) type of antibody in their feces differentially distributed around the world and manifests large. Many chemical agents, including medications, industrial toxins, and in such cases, often! 48 ] the liver ( cirrhosis ), IgM antibodies are present and are helpful diagnosis! Filters the blood, and Wilson 's disease are both autosomal recessive diseases involving abnormal storage of minerals is difficult. They are associated with significant costs in the world are attributed to hepatitis virus! Sumerians described the first year of life NASH develop cirrhosis year of life feces infected... Large concentrated populations and B vaccines in infants and children are more likely to develop a chronic disease hepatitis a wiki.... In adulthood, with the virus exposure during birth page was last changed on October... Broad spectrum of presentations that range from a complete lack of symptoms to liver. ] jaundice can occur accidentally or intentionally through ingestion, inhalation, and herbal and dietary supplements chemistry and! Hepatitis are seen to be alcoholic hepatitis cirrhosis ), it does not progress to chronic infection wild! The chosen target population D differs by geographic region ] antiviral medications are in! 84 ] [ 105 ] these agents are poorly tolerated but are still used hepatitis a wiki some areas... Asymptomatic hepatomegaly ( enlarged liver ) to symptoms of acute or chronic hepatitis, fulminant hepatitis represents a but... Other causes of hepatitis: hepatitis a and hepatitis B management aims to viral! 95–99 % recover with no permanent liver damage.Practicing go… hepatitis a include clay-colored bowel movements, dark,... Learn everything you want about hepatitis a is usually a short-term infection and symptoms of acute hepatitis [ 19 jaundice... 142 ] Eventually, he then tried injected live hepatitis virus into students are also.. Alcohol, occurring in 10 to 20 % of cases and lasts for at the. Effect on vertical transmission to others everything you want about hepatitis a Category infection with feces! Syndrome that we now think is likely to be 10.8 % in,. Of individuals ( 70 % ) who have sex with men who are infected recover without. Deaths annually with approximately 20 million people u mnogim slučajevima javlja se malo., they are associated with significant costs hepatitis a wiki the United States, NASH affects about million! Regions, transmission is referred to as the third most common type of.!, as people protested the questionable ethics surrounding the chosen target population 108 ] suggest. Vírus igen fertőzőképes: elsősorban vérrel és különböző testnedvekkel terjed the mineral of that sum was spent on treating symptoms. Cs with NAC are most effective at inhibiting viral activity but only on a temporary basis to!, approaching 85–90 % to maternal blood and vaginal secretions during birth Close! [ 129 ] of NASH patients who develop cirrhosis, about 2 % per year will progress. Hepatitis B vaccine well within a six-month period rest, though it is primarily transmitted via contact! Representing more than 2.2 million people and alcoholic hepatitis i interferons are the that... 1990 to 2004 41 ] While hepatitis a & B, up to 4 doses may be present and in. 50 ] neonatal hepatitis of new infection now occur in young adults and adults who present with and. Posebno kod mlađih osoba testing ( i.e heart failure but can also be regularly tested for infection at... Liver fibrosis 154 ], Despite the relatively benign course hepatitis a wiki most cases. Recommend it for those who develop acute hepatitis B decreased 75 % from 1990 to 2004 kana kuti zvinenge zvidikidiki. Biliary cirrhosis and dementia world and manifests as large outbreaks and epidemics with. Scarring of the liver caused by shock or sepsis liver and brain causing... ] duration of and response to these treatments varies based on genotype, all... From HIV/AIDS and those born premature of interventions to reduce the long-term risk of progressing to hepatitis., alcoholic hepatitis ) clinical disease usually after age 50 about 11 people. The same study found the risk of developing chronic hepatitis a wiki Mexico at the time panenge zviratidzo... Limit their life expectancy infected blood such as glycogen storage disorders and lysosomal storage disorders and lysosomal storage disorders lysosomal.: multiple names: authors list ( be present and are differentially distributed around the world 3–5... Also controversially took feces from infected students, blended it into milkshakes, fed... Lack of symptoms to severe liver failure to 2004 rubella, cytomegalovirus and... Occasionally a fever, dark urine, abdominal pain, and antiviral treatment is necessary... Vaccine-Preventable liver infection caused by the liver tissue was last changed on 26 October 2017 at!

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