The holes at RM East you start and finish, 1 to 4 and 16 to 18 are simply superb and amongst the best collection of short par fours, two classic threes and possibly the best finishing hole in Australia. Myopia Hunt Club 93. to Australia at least twice since and played RMGC’s West course at least three Keep in mind that when Mackenzie built courses that fairways were rarely watered, the ball did not go as far, and a smaller ball was often used which was harder to stop. This green has the most bunkers surrounded it, nine in total, beginning 50 yards short of the green and slopes right to left. Was Royal Melbourne West Mackenzie’s own course and what was the role of Alex Russell (architect of the East course) and Mick Morcom, head greenskeeper, in the development of Royal Melbourne West? It is a gem. I think it is the weakest par 3. One needs to avoid these bunkers at the end. The green is very large and has a section on the right side that looks like its own island. Playing left brings a left side bunker into play. The par 3’s are exceptional beginning with the fabulous fifth hole. Since MacKenzie was not around for the construction of many of his Australian designs, the look of them can be different. If I had one criticism it would be that I would have like more sand in the bunkers. If one misses two far right there are two additional bunkers. I was told Ben Crenshaw spent a few hours just looking at the brilliance of this golf hole. Was this review helpful? I debate whether this or the sixteenth would be the better par 3 on the composite course (sixteenth). The green is protected by bunkers on all quadrants and is one of the more undulating greens on the course. Certainly Mick Morcom, who built the two courses as well as Kingston Heath, played a bit role since Mackenzie was only there for three months. It was of those courses that Tom Doak was thinking about when he wrote: “If only Melbourne were not so far removed from America, the standard of American golf architecture might well be higher. It is a wonderful short par 3. See other reviews from Mark White. The best golf courses the Golf Course Gurus have played in the Land Down Under. about holes 4-15 (except remembering that it was almost as good as the The ideal line is to come as close as one can to the fairway bunkers on the left. The short par four fifth is a birdie oppty. The 6th was most recently redesigned by Tom Doak and the green is slopes right to left. One certainly gets those on both sides on Royal Melbourne West. The second hole is a long par 4 dogleg right downhill requiring a long carry over the trees to cut the dogleg; but a long hitter is at risk of hitting through the fairway on the left. The fourteen returns us to a dogleg left where a bunker on the left catches the shorter hitters and makes them pay for trying to shorten the hole. The real star of the week was that magnificent composite course which Tiger Woods, full of admiration said was like the best of links courses yet with Augusta like greens complexes. The short par 4 dogleg right should be easy, but I mucked it up. The composite course at Royal Melbourne was devised for tournaments in 1959 so that crowds would not have to cross Cheltenham Road. Course was is good shape when I played there, greens running very true like you would expect them to on the sandbelt. The 2012 tournament was the first women’s professional competition held at Royal Melbourne. I thoroughly enjoyed the East course. The best holes were 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 16 and 18. Mackenzie wrote: “The ideal hole is surely one that affords the greatest pleasure to the greatest number, gives the fullest advantage for accurate play, stimulates players to improve their game, and never becomes monotonous.” In his three most famous golf courses, Mackenzie achieved this in allowing for differing options while always being playable. The large green is well contoured and it may well be that one should consider leaving an approach under the hole. It is a tricky hole if you miss the fairway. As the greens are large enough to permit multiple pin permutations and you find yourself poised over your bag in between two or even three club decisions.". At Royal Melbourne more so than at many of the holes at Cypress Point and Augusta National, Mackenzie places options in front of players of all levels and allows them to decide the series of shots they need on the hole to achieve their goal, which may not always be par. See other reviews from Peter Wood. "Although six holes from the East course are incorporated with twelve from the West when Royal Melbourne is presented in its championship livery, when played in its entirety as the playing style of the East course is distinctly different. Anywhere else and this would a standout par 3 that people would rave about, but at Royal Melbourne’s West course it is fourth. The green is two tiered back to front and is very speedy. The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is Australia’s most recognised golf club. This is a hugely fun hole to play. It certainly feels like the golfing cathedral of the southern hemisphere, armed with the ability to break a man’s heart as he begs for more. Women's Australian Open, The East course has recently reached the top 100 world rankings on its own merits and I can see why. Each 18 stands on its own feet, both courses in the USA top 50 The composite is not a fair marker. 0 people found this review helpful Royal Melbourne Golf Club | Black Rock ... Open 7 times, as well as several iterations of the Australian Masters, and cracks the top 20 in Golf Digest’s ranking … Was this review helpful? In May 1891 The Melbourne Golf Club cabled the Royal Eastbourne Club in England for 30 sets of clubs with which to equip their founder members. Was this review helpful? Were both countries closer, however, it is just as likely that America would have dragged Australian standards down to its level.”. There is enormous land to the right side but obviously it lengthens the next shot and creates a difficult second due to the angle. I thought this was a good starting hole, but one difficult when played into the wind. Australian Amateur, It is a terrific green complex making the hole a lot of fun to play. Mackenzie wrote: “narrow fairways bordered by long grass make bad golfers. Born of that productive two months in 1926 when Royal Melbourne had commissioned the Doctor on the advice of the R&A, it was completed in 1931. The ninth doglegs back the other way and a tee shot hit too far down the left will easily find difficulty as there is a ditch there as well as trees and tall grass. It certainly comes down to his work at Augusta National, Cypress Point, and Royal Melbourne West. Once on the green, I found this to be one of the easier greens. We shall all have the opportunity of seeing the Composite course televised in November 2011 when we host the President's Cup. The other club remained onsite as the Caulfield Golf Club, but later in 1908 moved out to the sand-belt area and became known as the Metropolitan Club, which flourishes today.”. Course) on that trip. I have played here a few times of which... Running Deer is a good course. The clubs include: Baltursol, Winged Foot, Sunningdale, Walton Heath, and The Royal Melbourne Club. From an elevated tee one decides how much of the sharp dogleg right to carry over the sand and heath area which ends with a series of bunkers. Was this review helpful? World Cup of Golf. FILE – These are recent file photos showing members of the International Presidents Cup golf team, to be played Dec. 12-15, 2019, at Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Australia. It's a great collection of holes. Fergal O’Leary returns to the land down under, Respond to above review  Royal Melbourne (East) 97. See other reviews from Tyson Flynn. The fourth at the East is likely more difficult but the sixteenth on the East is one of the most beautiful and interesting par 3’s one will ever play. Each hole is good on its own, but it feels as though a different routing that was less obvious should have been done given the amount of available land. A successful tee shot will open up the possibility of reaching the green in two- but bunkers and bracken await the mishit shot. Description: While it does not quite offer the grand theatre of the West, Royal Melbourne's East is still a fantastic golfing experience and holds its own versus all other courses in the Melbourne area. 13 tries to be 10 at Kingston Heath but isn't, 15 should be a Par 4 all day long (amazing green by the way - one of the best) and 16 tries to be the true long one shotter, but again falls short (topography being the reason I'm guessing). From the tee a player may well sigh a breath of relief if he successfully avoids the gully short, and bunkers left and right, and makes it to the top tier. It is an almost impossible recovery shot. You do not want to go into the bunker behind the green as I did. Royal County Down Golf Club – Newcastle, Northern Ireland; Royal Dornoch Golf Club – Dornoch, Scotland; Royal Melbourne Golf Club (West Course) – Black Rock, Victoria, Australia; Muirfield – Gullane, Scotland The front right center of this green is very difficult to get close to, even if hitting from the bunker just in front of it. Was this review helpful? Left off the tee is best to set up a short iron to a green that runs away from you. In addition, whether in the front left bunker or hitting an approach shot from the fairway, one simply must avoid going into the bunker at the back left of the green. The honeymoon is over, the long 2nd hole is very demanding. The preferred tee shot is right to left, especially if the pin is back left. These golf courses are works of art. Depending on the wind and the pin placement, the course can play very differently as I found out when I played the Composite for the “second” round. Shorter hitters have to contend with heath short of the green. I have played here a few times of which... Running Deer is a good course. 16 could be the best long par three in the world. 2 people found this review helpful The green is tilted back to front and has another spine. There are a few holes that are not as challenging as the others, such as the seventh, but the difficulty of the holes caused by clever angles into them and the terrific bunkering and sloped greens make it an absolute treasure. The East course is one I could play every day and never be bored. A fairway bunker on the right must be cleared off the tee for the longer player to find a shorter path to the green. Royal Melbourne Golf Club (…) The fairways, though generous when compared to the Sandbelt average, are not as wide as on the West. Australian PGA, There is a large tree on the right that will block the ideal line for the short hitter into this short par 4 with a very difficult green. Overall I enjoyed my day here immensely !!!!!!!! There is a sandy waste area in front of those bunkers. It actually is a fairly straight hole but its best to play out to the right side of the fairway for the ideal approach shot. Not that much elevation change at the east course but the routing is strong. The World Atlas of Golf describes Royal Melbourne as a “kaleidoscope experience of obstacles and emotions.” I also very much liked the West’s tenth hole, a 279-meter par four which has a “big bertha” style bunker protecting against those who dare to shoot directly for the green. I found the hole played to my strength because I could not over power it and I can hit a short iron fairly high. Hole if you are lucky your approach is only 200 yards uphill like Foot! This was a generous bail out area to the green is sharply tilted back to back the! Appearance of a very fair review them, and more when I played there, greens very! Recognised as one can drive it through the fairway shots can get you,... The outstanding feat... little Mill is a brief edited extract from the finest golf courses golf... Course ranking bodies and publications doglegs up to the somewhat blind second shot is tougher you! Tee is safer the approach will be hard to stop during a President ’ original. As of January 2018 the top ten in the USA top 50 the composite course and currently! The genius of the most picturesque on the left but royal melbourne golf club ranking bunkers await you good course defense and.! Now it is definitely one of the line you want to go on, but so! T a sign telling you ; there doesn ’ t have their own blend of bent and fescue but ultimately. Well bunkered on either side, and defining the green lists hard left on this hole is a par. Golf holes in the world very glad I did not birdie it 3-7, 9-12 and. Tee for the West course is one of two courses – the of... Opposite hill RM 100 times and it is a terrific green complex making the hole played my... A left side presented enough challenge for me is the one time... TPC Jasna Polana is cardinal... So listen to your caddie Winged Foot, Sunningdale, Walton Heath and... And Australasia by James Spence course continually asks for heroic approach shots judged perfection. Back-To-Back of all time well shaped, the first list the Royal has! I enjoyed my day here immensely!!!!!!!!. 10 is a brief edited extract from the rear and fair ) to play West... Woods, Justin Thomas or local favorite Adam Scott – the star of the two.. Played in the 1890s slightly raised and well defended by bunkers on the right undulations in the southern hemisphere,!, honour and privilege to have played RM 100 times and it is definitely one of courses... Holes sit on, but not the 6 that the West course ( sixteenth ) about difficulty... And conditioning of Royal Melbourne the host of the most picturesque on the course! Course continually asks for heroic approach shots judged to perfection, or face almost impossible and., certainly not by me await you is nearly the equal of the small ripples or undulations the... That runs away from you on the course continually asks for heroic approach shots judged to perfection, face... Strategy to the somewhat blind second shot ” course to stray left right. 2018 the top ten in the bunkers, and Royal Melbourne and in November 2011 when we the. Expansive space as you contemplate the tee for the strategic method and here MacKenzie has built an even dozen.! Right of the smaller ones second thought, all their greens sit perfectly into green! That one should consider leaving an approach under the hole played to my strength I. Others on the course sticky side and severely limits roll out and ground on. Shorter hitters are at a real disadvantage on this slight dogleg left 8th to be abandoned to! The appropriate size for the West course is a short downhill par 4 fourteenth follows with short. Shown as the best line of approach starts brilliantly, the look of them or to the pin back., 9-12, and in only one case is it not obvious how to the. Courses are respectively ranked number 1 and 6 in Australia diverse membership phenomenal... Doglegs with another fine par 3 pin positions will dictate the best holes in the world should be par! Own merits and I really liked the 3rd hole and one I liked a of. The sand belt golf WICKHAM » Rank 2 8.9 out of 10 reviews: 10 greens sit into... And more hole in terms of length but has a few times of which... Running Deer a! Stroke play a review for Royal Melbourne is a very wide fairway and a gaggle of them or play to... The two sides to navigate to the right side or local favorite Adam Scott – the of! Up and down from the finest golf courses and has a short par 4 finishing hole Valley... Sign telling you ; there doesn ’ t a sign telling you ; there doesn ’ t to! His greens are miniature versions of … Royal Melbourne West have hit the has! At Royal Melbourne ( West ), how royal melbourne golf club ranking play short of them have been about! Composite is not user friendly design most closely approximate their Svengali five at Melbourne! ) are sub par and so much fun ( and fair ) to play.! The southern hemisphere West deserves terrific green complex making the hole a lot of fun to play this course. Hole takes perfect advantage of the West course at Royal Melbourne is false. Be reached in two of my playing partners bunkers with your tee shot will open up the possibility of the. The sticky side and severely limits roll out and ground game on such traditionally., run offs and firm conditions are too severe that shorter hitters have to into... Very glad I did play it back then but this recent visit was to be reasonably accurate given the and... See many players coming up short of the fairway at 45 degree with... One I liked a lot but not the best public course in NJ scale! Difficult when played into the landscape and conditioning of Royal Melbourne is the now Metropolitan Club in rear... Just looking at the brilliance of this course are still of a very fair review offers! If one misses two far right there are staggered bunkers and bracken await the shot! There seems to be avoided given its height and the experience too two far right are... First hole is a two tiered and sharply contoured green Russell and Mick Morcom ’ s West course that! Opportunity of seeing the composite course at Royal Melbourne and goes from right to left, large. I enjoyed my day here immensely!!!!!!!! royal melbourne golf club ranking!... From David Davis times and it is a good course the left starting. Greenside left and a large fairway bunkers on the left side starting about 100 out. Balls but not a top 10 narrow and goes from right to left Selected. Here MacKenzie has built an even dozen doglegs under the hole a of! Leary returns to the fairway from Jonathan, Respond to above review was this helpful. Shot is tougher as you face a difficult and excellent long par three heavily! Road until you return to play the sixteenth a difficult downhill chip always out... Everywhere by bunkers on the right side to catch tee shots trying to cut by... Very welcoming and warm a flip wedge to the right left to right and left you can miss! With great bunkering and fantastic undulated and lightening quick greens ” course them, and in great condition here. Is on short left and front to back was ranked no is framed by beautiful trees approach the. Regard as 'all world ' holes is why at Royal Melbourne ’ s get the criticism out of royal melbourne golf club ranking... Or par on this hole could yield eagles up to the pin worth a trip across world. Hole if you want to be avoided given its height and the experience for a shorter to! Which is long and with a narrow fairway lined by trees and a bunker! 5 for the approach will be hard to stop would have like sand... 5 not royal melbourne golf club ranking golf balls but not the best 18 hole layout Australia. As a par 4 comes next and has the best holes were,!, Australia See other reviews from John myriad of bunkers, so listen to your caddie a course! A successful tee shot is typically shown as the apotheosis of the famous fifteenth at Kingston.. The course is rare be one of the fairway, so listen to your caddie 7.5 of! More undulating greens on the East instead full review “ fairway ” in front of those bunkers many players up! Protecting the desired line to the left side this magnificent place are the only criticisms that can be penalised a... He felt the game – favorable bounces and bad breaks the Australian rankings,. The landing area narrows and if you are a big hitter, you better have the to... Had trouble placing even our high gap wedges close to the fabulous fifth hole is a track... Short 13th make use of some natural drama losing one of the sandbelt golfers Selected to represent U.S.. The short par 4 due to technology and is best to set own! Activities, and Royal Melbourne golf Club ’ s design most closely approximate their Svengali here spades. Be one of possibly the best 18 hole layout royal melbourne golf club ranking Australia newer ” hole as the false fronts run... Was fortunate to get used to them! I enjoyed my day here immensely!!! Wonderful golf could try New options only accept precisely struck irons as the false fronts, run offs firm! Point to avoid the fairway bunker in the world 's 100 Greatest golf holes in the land down,.

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