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BioPCM® for a broad spectrum of industries

Phase Change Solutions is a global leader in temperature control and energy-efficient solutions, using phase change materials that stabilize temperatures across a wide range of applications.

Customers across transportation of perishables and pharmaceuticals, buildings and structures, telecom and data centers – use BioPCM® to maintain optimum temperatures, save energy, and reach their sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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Buildings & Structures


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Logistics & Cold Chain


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Thermal Energy Storage


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Inspiring a sustainable future

At Phase Change Solutions, we believe in finding a sustainable way forward by introducing innovations at the forefront of energy management and efficiency. Our dedicated team continues to find new applications for our proprietary technology utilizing the only commercially available bio-based gelled and solid-to-solid phase change materials.

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2020 BNEF Pioneer

Phase Change Solutions is awarded as a 2020 BNEF Pioneer from BloombergNEF, one of ten game-changing companies recognized for their leadership in transformative technologies.

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