Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Innovation and entrepreneurship represent core strengths of our foundation, originating from the founders Byron Owens & Reyad Sawafta, when they formed Phase Change Solutions. Today we continue to invest in paving the path for a sustainable future through innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Our inter-disciplinary approach extends from product innovation to process innovation to business model innovation, delivering unique value-added formulations to our customers and exceeding their needs in performance benefits across several application segments from cold chain and refrigeration to telecom and data centers.

Working collaboratively with our ecosystem partners, sharing expertise, know-how and research, our inspiring and motivated team is constantly developing innovative solutions with advanced materials to ensure the safe transport of vaccines and foods, all the way to providing resiliency for telecom shelters and data centers and many novel applications to follow.

The underpinning of our drive to innovate begins with the principles of sustainable design, geared to building platforms like BioPCM that facilitate restorative and regenerative ecosystems enabling a circular economy. Our formulations are biodegradable and compostable – optimized to eliminate waste. Our business model is shaped and influenced by strategic alliances and partnerships aimed at creating value for our customers and the entire ecosystem.

Buildings & Structures
Cold Chain
Data Centers & Telecom
Food Delivery
Thermal Energy Storage

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