hihi y1 smu econs student here feel free to ask me abt anything you want to know (abt smu or the course) ill try my best to answer them haha. Am really interested getting into SMU economics and am planning on taking double degree( whats the diff with double major still a bit confused) so seniors pls advice. I felt the same way as SmoothB1983. Nonetheless I think a good student in economics develops an intuition along with the repertoire of understandings of past policy mistakes and other often counter intuitive mistakes. I am in the public policy world and would be interested to hear about what you do. Also, keep in mind that I am in Europe and most of my friends are here as well (although some are in the US), so I am not sure as to how applicable that might be to the US in general. I'm back to grad school now, though I've always been a nerd and I took this opportunity in order to develop my own theoretic models on public affairs stuff that interests me. Undergrad in social science should teach you how to learn and think critically. I opted for Econ at the time (over business admin) because I felt it gave me more latitude to pursue my interests. Hi hi :) got offered SMU Econs n I wanna know what are some of the modules / lessons like. Finance for a finance position). If you’re worried that going for an overseas degree programme offered by a PEI won’t set you up for success, we’re here to debunk that. Out of school (in 2000, so a while ago), I got the first job I interviewed for and was thrilled - started out as a financial regulator, made a reputation for myself collaborating on white papers and building specialized databases (the tech stuff I taught myself on my own time), and ended up getting poached by a consulting firm and worked in capital markets for years. Alright, so I'm a senior graduating this semester with a degree in economics. Of my two closest friends that were Econ majors, neither were satisfied with the job prospects with a BA alone. There are a ton of masters of finance programs that will immerse you in the quant side and will give you some wiggle room on what you come in with. 13 institutions in Singapore offering Economics degrees and courses. I guess I am being more specific towards those who are not going to be a professional economist or academic. with a wide range of expertise, from Econometrics, International Trade, Urban and Real Estate Economics, Health Economics and Labour Economics, to Macroeconomics, Game Theory and Mechanism Design and many more Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But other engineering/science/language degrees holders can still take up these analyst jobs in banks/insurance/accounting companies and at the same time able to go into their degree specific roles. I learned pretty much nothing useful in college, and left with no job skills. Care to talk about that experience? One thing most of these career paths have in common, however, is the need for a master's degree to get your foot in the door and/or work your way through the ranks. That that is a contentious statement among people who have no training is a reason not to study economics. So I feel I am being hard done by the fact that I didn't really learn a unique set of skills or knowledges. Applied Economics & Predictive Analytics M.S.. Gain data analytics skills grounded in economic perspectives. I guess it all depends on what you want to do. What makes econ so useless and are the job prospects really that poor?

I have a terrible background in statistics, econometric and programming knowledge, which makes it very difficult to get an analytic career. Here are 10 high-paying jobs you can get with a SIM-UOL degree. I wanted to pursue an academic career and so did many of my friends, thus we went to grad school. Purdue offers two degrees: a B.S. Perhaps the tools you learnt in economics give you more of an analytical mind than others but I don't think its enough to give you an edge. This double degree programme, jointly offered by the College of Engineering and the School of Social Sciences, aims to equip graduates with excellent knowledge and competency in engineering and economics. I would rather have pursued an engineering degree and studied economics as a hobby. At the graduate level, students can choose from a Master of Science (MS) or Master of Arts (MA) in Economics, as well as … It even handicapped my chances when applying to grad school that takes very seriously the amount of previous math and statistical courses. I have worse things to say about those who did business or accounting as a degree. I have a degree in economics and naturally I have many friends who graduated with the same major. Students will graduate with two undergraduate degrees from two different SMU schools within four to five years: Singapore downgrades 2020 economic growth forecast to between -0.5 and 1.5% on coronavirus impact MTI said its earlier forecast was premised on a … I was amazed at everything that is out there. In economics, you will need to learn modules that are not directly related to finance, such as international trade or the theory of firm. Master 2 disciplines - computer engineering/computer science and economics - in this double degree programme jointly offered by NTU's School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) and School of Humanities and Social Sciences. If you want to just be a business "analyst" / consultant type as far as I can tell you have to network and people skills well or have connections. I regret it. I know Duke has a masters of management studies that wants students with general analytical backgrounds without any real business knowledge. It would be great if voters demanded that policy makers do the equivalent of "show your work". As the pandemic raged, Singapore's six autonomous universities offered around 1,000 extra places last year, taking in 17,500 Singaporeans. Strikes me as a personal question so I am going to answer from personal experience. I've been really happy with my Econ undergrad. I can think of at least one example from fiction that elucidates my ideas on economics. So are you still in grad school? study a degree suitable for students of high mathematical ability, combining and relating mathematics, statistics and economics. Diploma in Education Art/Music and Diploma in Home Economics prepare the student teachers to teach at the secondary level. League tables of the best universities for Economics, 2021. Also, I learned a lot of Stata. through the Management School and a B.A. This political science full-time degree builds on some core economic theories and key concepts of modern political thought. is it very competitive and hard to make genuine/close friends due to lack of hall life? Hi, may I know what sort of questions were asked during the interview? I didn't comment on the moderator post a few days ago, but I think a large portion of private sector jobs in economics are still very political. New Economics Jobs in Singapore available today on JobStreet - Quality Candidates, Quality Employers By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The financial options available to you for your postgraduate degree is similar to an undergraduate degree. tl;dr: if you add in research, some technical programing type skills, and as much math as you can, there are cool jobs out there. Do u have a sample is it as straight forward as A level H2 math calculus or like complicated till you can complete a thesis. Many universities and colleges in South Africa offer English-taught Bachelor's degrees. But I think they are the smart ones - they still land the same kind of jobs as economists while cruising through their degree. Consultant 3. I'm getting my master's in accounting, have a job lined up, love it even more. If you're interested in studying a Economics degree in Singapore you can view all 8 Bachelors programmes.

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