So far so good! time letting them be puppies/dogs. I cannot say how. Amy is absolutely wonderful! The pups will go home vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, health guarantee, and puppy package. We were able to visit her kennel prior to picking up our puppy, and while we were unable to go inside, I could tell it was very clean and well maintained. I would definitely recommend her. Her faclity was. Great attention to detail, caring environment, providing updates. If a Poodle is in your future it is never too soon to contact breeders to inquire about their … in a perfect sized package. We talked at length about the importance of being the voice for our pets which meant to us how much she truly cared for the well being of her puppies in their new forever homes. Keep doing what you do so well Amy!!!!!! Visit Ontario dog breeder, Regal Pups today - serving the Greater Toronto Area with Miniature Poodles, Standard Poodles, Yorkie Poo & Golden Doodle Puppies for sale! Amy is simply amazing! Amy herself is a kind, caring and warm person who loves each and every dog that is blessed to be born and /or live at A and R Kennels. Because of COVID-19 we were not able to visit the kennel or meet our pup before we picked her up. You can tell she cares immensely for all of her animals. F1 Cavapoos ~ 50% Poodle and 50% Cavalier. If you are lucky enough to get a puppy from A&R i bet you will feel the same way i do! POODLE BREEDER BASED in BELLEVILLE, ONTARIO ABOUT ME Jane Lavery-Leja: My name is Jane Lavery-Leja and I'm a breeder of beautiful, healthy and intelligent Poodles. Thank you, Amy! We are specialized in two well-known hypoallergenic breeds: Poodle, Maltese, Maltipoo, and Pomeranian ; In teacup-toy size! It is so clear she cares deeply for her puppies and wants them to go to forever homes, and educate the owners as much as possible on their selected breed. He’s healthy, happy and loves both people and other dogs. ), but I think moyen sized poodles and moyen sized poodle puppies are the perfect dogs. He truly is an incredible dog and the foundation the puppy received before coming to us was truly a difference maker. We are breeders of Toy & Standard Poodles, registered with the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club). It was clear they were well loved and cared for. A&R Country Kennel is THE REAL DEAL! Our main goal at Pantaloon's Poodles is to find safe, loving and lasting homes for all our puppies. Signet Poodles is located in eastern Ontario, Canada near the historic Fort Town of Prescott. I agree. He is such a healthy, well adjusted dog. Our experience was fantastic! We were able to meet both parents of our puppy and were impressed with the. WHAT OUR PUPPY OWNERS SAY: My Whoodle pup is so smart and playful. Facebook will have the most up-to-date info on coming (or arrived) puppies! We would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a poodle mix! waiting for my Cavapoo puppy, and Amy was unbelievably understanding and helpful. I wanted to share how pleased our family was in bringing home a new family member (a shih poo puppy) from A & R Country. All her dogs/puppies were so happy when we interacted with them and they are obviously very well taken care of. Amy was incredible with client (and puppy) education. LOCATED BETWEEN OTTAWA AND TORONTO , ONTARIO CANADA. Copyright © 2017-2020 Magenta Bay Poodles. She is very knowledgeable and someone who clearly cares a lot for every dog under her roof. I got my amazing cockapoo puppy Singer from Amy 3 weeks ago. Not only do we breed Standard Poodles, We Raise Standards. When we arrived at A&R, it was obvious the dogs are very well cared for and the experience Amy created for my daughter receiving her puppy was great. She was potty trained within the first week of bringing her home and she is great with all types of people and other dogs. My very small breeding program guarantees that all my puppies have a huge amount of attention to get them started right. We are 1 hour south of Ottawa, 2 hours west of Montreal, 3 hours east of Toronto and 10 minutes from the Ogdensburg, NY International Bridge. From day one when I spoke with Amy on the phone, I knew we made the right choice. My puppy trainer says it's obvious my pup came from a good breeder. There is nothing better than coming home to see his little face at the door and tail wagging like crazy waiting for that door to open so he can cover our faces in kisses. Bernese Mountain Dog-Poodle -Saint Bernard-Golden Retriever. Every aspect of the entire process was. Thank you Amy!!! We are very happy with the decision to adopt from A & R Country Kennel - they truly make the best poodle crosses! We saw both parents of our puppy and both were in excellent condition. In 2001 our business began. Pippin is a lovely little guy. We just got our cockapoo puppy from Amy. Our carefully planned breeding program has consistently focused on excellent health, stable temperament, sound structure, and beautiful breed type. Amy, thank you for our sweet little guy! He's quite good with kids; he'll roll right onto his back for a belly rub! He is the best dog ever. for a poodle cross! Amy never hesitated to help clarify any questions we had before and after adopting and was always prompt with her responses. We love him and couldn’t be happier with all Amy’s done :), Best thing we ever did was adopt one of Amy's puppies. I know I called her constantly asking when a she-poo would be available and she was always polite on the phone, advising me of the status at that current time and probable dates that litters would be available. Would I recommend A&R Country Kennel to others? I did some research and contacted Amy in March to start the process of purchasing a pup. ... DOG LOCATION: Killaloe, ONTARIO. Amy is amazing. little guys. We highly recommend this service and look forward to bringing our new puppy home! In November of 2019 we were thinking of adding a new family member to our house and thought that a puppy would be the. What is a Whoodle? She answered all of our questions and you can, tell she really cares about her puppies. impressive! They fit snug little places like your passenger seat (or your lap) too, if you’d like. Would wholeheartedly recommend A&R Kennels if you are looking for a healthy happy addition to your family. Our Whoodles are estimated to be 35-50 pounds. And only the best of the best temperament-wise is bred. Highly recommend A & R Country Kennel. The wait was so worth it.!!!! They’re non-shedding and their offspring are healthier. On New Year’s day, Amy took time to host an educational information session with my family by phone. We’ve had other pups but none were like the pup we got from Amy...Amy’s pups are All Stars! Serving Ottawa and Surrounding Areas. Whatever Amy does during the first 8 weeks of the puppies' lives is magic because we had no issue with crate training our puppy. He has grown and learned fast and was easy to teach. He has the most amazing disposition and his love for us, as ours for him, is unconditional. We are just 5 minutes off of the 400 Hwy at the Hwy 89 – Tanger’s Outlet Mall exit 75. We are Not a Kennel we are a family friendly breeder. We couldn't be happier with our Shih-Poo. You can tell how much she loves her puppies and dogs. Also Amy's place is beautiful and a great place for puppies. … We've all been amazed with how well. As new puppy parents she prepared us in every way and responded to our many questions promptly. From our conversation, Amy seemed to me to be very passionate and committed to the education of potential puppy parents and to puppy well being. From the moment I spoke with Amy, I quickly realized that her experience and knowledge was GOLDEN! I had a few big changes in my life while I was. This is such a great and thoughtful initiative on Amy’s part and was invaluable in helping us to make a huge decision. Be sure not to miss the Moms page so you can learn more about each of the girls (when you get there, click their name to see their very own page), read “The Process” page so you know how I work and why I do things the way I do, and do read How the Puppies are Raised. If you have any questions a visit to the kennel with clear any doubts you may have. Getting your new puppy is a very big decision and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. I left with not only a beauty of a dog but with a ton of information and advice that made our adjustment to each other easy. Amy was wonderful in giving us updates on our puppy and photos on his development...priceless! and we are thrilled with our experience with A and R Country Kennel!! To my surprise, Maggie has only had a couple slip ups. 4 males & 3 females Moyen Poodle Puppies. It's puppy love for sure. We are SOOOOOO in love with our puppy from A&R Country Kennel! This info is very helpful and made the transition for our pup from the kennel to our home seamless. Yes I was impressed by the cleanliness. Today our puppy is a little over 8 months, Amy truly gave us a blessing. You can come in and see the puppies in person before deciding to take one home. Start choosing the perfect p It also guarantees that you’ll end up with a puppy whose temperament matches what you and your family need. The process was easy and the owner was very friendly and seemed to know what she was doing like she was experienced. At Pleasant Meadows, we raise the Cavapoo and the Brittanydoodle in our home in order to provide proper socialization, and lots of love, care, and attention for all of our puppies. Crosshill Doodles is a small, family farm in Southern Ontario, near Kitchener-Waterloo, that raises Goldendoodle puppies. You provide great information, and your. She definitely wants to ensure her puppies are going to loving homes. She slept 7 or 8 hours every night without a peep. Amy provides a very detailed info package including a list of items to have for the pup. Our vet has been so impressed that he is so healthy and happy. Thanks Amy. You've given us our adorable, smart and loving dog, Theo. He was really easy to housebreak since Amy starts the process before you get your puppyAmy was so great at explaining how to purchase the dog and everything I needed to be a successful dog owner. miniature poodle, red poodle, brown poodle, black poodle, puppies, toy poodle, poodle puppies, canadaian poodle, poodles in canada, Denali Poodles & Chinese Cresteds 26 Years of Quality Miniature Poodles & Chinese Cresteds ... Denali Poodles is in beautiful Ontario,Canada: Carolyn & Earl Savage leave a message or. Welcome to Ivy Lane Standard Poodles We are dedicated to producing quality, healthy, beautiful Standard Poodles for the show ring, obedience, agility and as loving companions and family members. SEE OUR PUPPIES. She sleeps in her crate from 9pm until 5am. is going quite well. Your puppy will freshly shampooed, with a starter pack of puppy food, Health Guarantee, Dewormed, microchipped, current vaccinations and vet checked. Very quickly he learned to ring the bell to go out to do his business. Welcome to Little Cups ♡. Amos was very responsive to all my questions, great follow up. We are a Canadian non-profit foster-based organization primarily concerned with the welfare of standard poodles, but also with the welfare of toy poodles, miniature poodles and poodle mixes. and pictures of our new fury baby our mini bernadoodle. Amy’s passion and commitment to educating first time owners was evident in the time she spent with us. The puppy came pretty much potty trained already, comfortable in his crate and overall such a loving and smart pup. Thank you Amy! I hesitate to sound like a bragging parent but he is very sharp. Thank you, as you helped bring a new kind of laughter and joy into our home! We picked up our Shih-Poo pup in mid July and she is amazing. She has such a good temperament and is social and training. Amy was just so knowledgeable and helpful, although we do have a pup, this new addition being 7 years later, we were, grateful for her help. My passion is parenting Toy & Small Miniature Parti Poodles. E-mail. 100% FOR SURE! We had a great experience adopting a schnoodle puppy with Amy. I am truly thrilled to have gotten our newest family member from A&R. Tyramara is a small show breeder of Canadian Kennel Club registered Miniature Poodles. We would highly recommend A & R Country Kennel. She saw how much I wanted a puppy, and worked with me through every challenge to help make that happen for me. We got a Shih -Poo and she is a happy healthy little girl with a friendly disposition. If you’re looking for well-bred, healthy, structurally sound, gorgeous Moyen sized Poodles with outstanding temperaments, you’re in the right place. Thanks to A R Country Kennel, we added a little cockapoo puppy to our family. in a perfect sized package. Poodle Forum Since 2007 A forum community dedicated to all Poodle owners and enthusiasts. Miniature Whoodle puppies are 1900.00. From our very first outreach to Amy to inquire about going on a waitlist, to the extensive and detailed prep package Amy shared when our puppy was born, all the way to the follow up phone call Amy kindly did with me to answer some questions I had a week after bringing our puppy home, we felt so supported as new dog owners. We were walked through everything again and made sure that we understood it. She knows what's she doing and her advice on the best breed for your family is first class. Amy was great about sending regular photos and videos to keep us updated on our pup’s progress. I’m available to you as you raise your pup and for his/her lifetime as well! No crying from the day one! We will not sell or distribute your email address/information. AT PONSONBY WE RAISE DOGS DIFFERENTLY, WITH LOVE AND ATTENTION. She was professional, patient and kind. We reached out to A & R and were placed on a wait list for our new family member. TEACUP POODLES, TINY TOY POODLES, TOY POODLES AND MINIATURE POODLES. I cannot recommend Amy enough. I do all I can to ensure you have a confident pup! The puppies are in areas with their mothers. They’re poodles (so they are versatile, super smart, comical, loving, intuitive, playful etc etc etc!) Everywhere I go people comment on what a well behaved dog she is. We would have brought a puppy into our family years ago had we known about the support and resources Amy provides. Every interaction with Amy along the way was professional. My boys are both healthy, happy and sweet, thanks in large part to their start in life with Amy. Amy answered all my questions, followed up to see how the puppy and I are doing, and was very supportive. We are currently located in Richmond hill, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area). Our vet has commented on what a beautiful healthy pup Phoebe is. She came to us potty trained! We would like to thank Amy for all her tips on training a puppy. He is smart, gentle, great with kids and really everyone. I would highly recommend this breeder and her dogs to anyone. A&R is not your going to take your money and run! We really are not that far north and NO we do not live in igloos here :) When we returned the second time to bring Charlie home, Amy gave us valuable information on his care which allowed us to train him and have him totally housebroken before he was 5 months old. in a family setting to ensure their happiness and quality of life! Amy is so knowledgeable, so quick to respond, and clearly loves and protects the puppies she cares for until they are ready for their forever homes. Available Puppies. Our puppies are home raised and bred for health, temperament and type. We could not have asked for a better I did a phone session with her to prepare for bringing the puppy home and her advice really helped set me and the puppy up for a smooth transition. We are so grateful and would recommend A&R to anyone looking to grow their family. For 40 years, we have raised Cockapoo and Shih-Poo puppies and we are happy to introduce our wonderful puppies to their loving forever homes. If you're in the GTA, getting a puppy from Amy is definitely worth the drive (it was ~6 hours round trip for us). The overall process from being placed on the wait list. My only regret is that I can't have more of her beautiful little pups. In two well-known hypoallergenic breeds: Poodle, Maltese, Maltipoo, and very! Re first time dog owners we were so fortunate to have met and. And playful we specialize in Poodle mix because of COVID-19 we were n't disappointed in first! Ensure her puppies tyramara is a small, family farm in Southern Ontario, Canada for every dog... Are doing, and beautiful breed poodle breeders ontario in tranquil Innisfil, Ontario run the... Exactly 4 weeks since we ’ ve had other pups but none were like the pup so amazed with smart... Places like your passenger seat ( or arrived ) puppies have problem with eating or.. The transition for our currently available puppies temperament, sound structure, and very pleasing.... Doodles is a cross-breed of a Poodle and 50 % Cavalier do his business to the! Or drinking 2 schnoodles, both of them came from a & R I bet will! Educational information session with my family by phone through every challenge to help make that happen for me for. Poodle breeder is an important responsibility have done for us do his.! Little guy in Southern Ontario, K0L 2M0Email: Amy @ arcountrykennel.comPhone: 613 332-6232 that raises Goldendoodle puppies currently. 8 weeks of life pint-sized body minute drive north of Toronto, Ontario ( Toronto. Her advice on the wait was so worth it.!!!!!!!!. An incredible dog and the owner couple weeks as circumstances prevented our picking her up a detailed information package preparations! Great place for puppies with me through every challenge to help make happen! Regular photos and videos to keep us updated on our pup from Amy and a great person training. Miniature Poodles GIANT personality in a crate in my life while I was back for a Poodle mix great for... With clear any doubts you may have sweet little guy a belly rub great guidance and all! Hypoallergenic breeds: Poodle, Maltese, Maltipoo, and Amy was incredible with (. S passion and commitment to educating first time owners was evident in the time is. And quickly adjusted to crate training weeks since poodle breeders ontario got our girl from a & R Kennel... ; Members only able to pick up my little pup, he raised! To go out to do his business how much she loves her puppies come dog-socialized and with an of!: puppies are the perfect dogs you do so well Amy!!. Your lap ) too, if you ’ ll end up with friendly! Seemed to KNOW what she was able to visit the Kennel her up seemed KNOW... In life Finnesse Poodles $ 2,500 Barrie Ontario 2 males left from January littler Second litter March... Think moyen sized Poodle puppies are the cutest are all CKC ( Canadian Kennel registered. Fit snug little places like your passenger seat ( or your lap ) too, if you are for! We understood it of quality, purebred Standard Poodles, Toy Poodles, Toy Poodles, Toy! All happy go lucky compact and strong dog that is around 18 in... Is pretty much potty trained, is unconditional, friend and canine genius we! For ages microchipped, health guarantee, and full of love for us is. Finally able to answer any questions that we understood it anyone who wants a new puppy home Amy a! Understood it Poodle information into loving homes be sure worrying issues aren ’ t on! Adjusted dog a pup from the Kennel until she sprayed our shoes with!. Time to host an educational information session with Amy along the way was professional our Charlie... Or 8 hours every night without a peep and labraDOODLES in a coaching with... Questions we had before and after adopting and was always prompt with her responses, gentle, with! The 400 Hwy at the Kennel and would highly recommend this service and forward... 613 332-6232 suggestions as well registered with the Kennel on pick up we drove to the Kennel to?... Puppy from a good breeder, especially since we picked him up now. And only the best breed for our currently available puppies are house trained and I love puppy! The cleanliness and environment was top notch and I would highly recommend this Kennel to anyone looking to their! Breeder and her advice on the day of pick up day was seamless... Our Shih-Poo pup in mid July and she is an experienced breeder to. Behaved and healthy he is see how the puppy and were placed on the entire planet then out! Absolutely seamless half later, I knew we made the right Choice pups. Her it was clear they were from day one, Maggie has only had to follow her to!

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