Reduces HVAC Usage

In both cooled and heated environments, BioPCM interacts with a building's HVAC system to reduce energy consumption. Effects include reduced HVAC cycling, increased compressor efficiency, and shifted thermal loads between daytime and nighttime.

ENRG Blanket

Providing unmatched versatility for commercial, retail and office spaces

ENRG Blanket is engineered to work with your specific building type and HVAC system. Its simple design offers easy installation in drop ceilings, walls and rooflines and delivers up to 35% energy savings compared to insulation-only solutions.

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ENRG Panel

Integrating BioPCM into a hard shell for your more challenging applications

ENRG Panel enables the installation of BioPCM in buildings and spaces that lack drop ceilings or have other installation challenges. Each ENRG Panel measures 2'x2' and is coupled with a unique lock-in-place track system allowing for both vertical (wall) and horizontal (ceiling) installations in difficult spaces.

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Fusing ENRG Blanket with wall and room décor for a beautiful energy solution

The Tempassist system integrates ENRG Blanket into artwork, decorative panels and other wall-mounted room decor. Tempassist panels are ideal for hospitality and retail locations where there is no drop ceiling. Tempassist can be customized to complement any décor while providing the same HVAC power savings as ENRG Blanket and ENRG Panel.

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A new, large-scale storage system to meet your energy goals

PhaseStor can preserve more than ten times the amount of energy as water and handle temperatures ranging from -58 to 275ºF (-50º to 135ºC). The system can be used in cooling tower applications, hot water, chilled water and even as backup chillers while only using half the energy as an ice storage system.

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The Phase Change Energy Solutions Advantage

Discover how our BioPCM-powered solutions can reduce your organizations' HVAC costs up to 35% while improving thermal comfort.

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How BioPCM Works

Allow us to walk you through the details of how our patented BioPCM technology functions when installed in a building.

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