ENRG Blanket

Versatile Energy Savings Solution For Your Building

ENRG Blanket encloses a natural, non-toxic and non-corrosive phase change material, BioPCM®, between two rugged, multi-layer films (polymer and /or aluminum). The resulting "blanket" is tear-resistant, long-lasting, and will maintain its thermal performance for over 100 years.

ENRG Blanket actively absorbs heat

when room temperature exceeds the desired set point. In summer, this action delays the need for mechanical cooling. In winter, this action absorbs and stores heat that would have otherwise been lost.

ENRG Blanket releases stored heat

when room temperature drops below the desired set point. In summer, the daytime heat is now moved more efficiently into cooler evening air. In winter, the stored heat is given back to the occupied space, helping maintain warmth for hours.

ENRG Blanket is easy to install

above drop ceilings, behind sheet-rock, or under roofing. In both retrofit and new construction applications, installation can often be completed in a single evening, avoiding disruption to your business operations.

Advantages of ENRG Blanket with BioPCM® Technology

Reduces HVAC power consumption by up to 25-35%

Reduces HVAC run time by up to 15-20%

BioPCM® requires no power and no maintenance

Improves building comfort for occupants

Reduces carbon footprint as less power is consumed

Useful lifetime of more than 100 years

Manufactured using sustainably grown, plant-based products

ENRG Blanket Specifications

The performance of ENRG Blanket is determined by two key characteristics of the BioPCM contained inside: the melt/freeze transition temperature, and the heat absorption capacity. For building applications, the BioPCM that powers ENRG Blanket is manufactured to have a melt/freeze transition temperature close to the the control temperature of the space where ENRG Blanket is installed. We refer to this melt/freeze transition temperature as the "Q Value". Our three most popular products have "Q Values" of 23°C (73°F), 25°C (77°F) and 27°C (81°F). For custom applications, BioPCM can be manufactured with melt/freeze transition temperatures from -50°C to 175°C (-58°F to 347°F).

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ENRG Blanket Solutions

Whether using a standard ENRG Blanket product or creating a custom specification, our experienced applications engineers can recommend solutions for virtually any building application or industry, including low-rise commercial, multi-story offices, schools, warehouses, telecom shelters and other specialized structures. The following are examples of solutions our team has developed across various industries and building types.

ENRG Blanket Installations

Over Drop Ceilings

One of the simplest applications of ENRG Blanket from Phase Change Energy Solutions is placement above drop ceilings. Lift the tile, place the product on the surrounding tiles and replace the tile where access was gained.

Roofing Application

When used in conjunction with code-mandated quantities of insulation, ENRG Blanket can absorb extreme amounts of heat and will store that energy at the phase-change temperature. This absorbed heat is later released during the overnight hours when temperatures drop below the designated phase-change temperature.

In-Wall Application

In new or retrofit applications where wall surfaces are exposed, ENRG Blanket can be applied by simply stapling the material to the exposed wall studs. When placed nearest to the living environment, BioPCM absorbs heat above the phase-change temperature and releases heat when temperatures drop below the phase-change temperature.

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