ENRG Panel

The Power of ENRG Blanket™ in a Rugged, Easy-to-Install Panel

Powered by BioPCM®, ENRG Panel is a rigid panel system that integrates sheets of ENRG Blanket into a 2'x2' shell. When mounted on a wall or ceiling, the panel absorbs and releases thermal energy to reduce the need for HVAC cooling and heating, providing another efficient installation option.

Easy-to-install 2’2’ ENRG Panels

enable building owners to address applications that require installation flexibility and a more rugged solution. The panel overcomes application challenges and maximizes thermal performance of the space.

ENRG Panel integrates ENRG Blanket

into a rugged, ridged outer shell to reduce power consumption and HVAC run time. In most locales, savings from ENRG Panel will return its fully-installed cost in less than two or three years, (depending on energy cost).

ENRG Panel uses a lock-in-place track

system that can be installed quickly and efficiently on walls and ceilings. Once assembled, ENRG Panel consumes no power and requires no maintenance to provide consistent power savings.

Advantages of ENRG Panel with BioPCM® Technology

Manufactured using sustainably grown, plant-based products

Useful lifetime of more than 100 years

Tunable, congruent melting and freezing temperature

Reduces carbon footprint as less power is consumed

Meets or exceeds all U.S. fire safety standards

Contractor-friendly installation system


ENRG Panel Specifications

ENRG Panel performance is determined by two key characteristics: the melt/freeze transition temperature and the heat absorption capacity. The BioPCM that powers ENRG Panel is engineered to have a transition temperature, referred to as the "Q Value", that responds to the control temperature of the space where the panel is installed. Our three most popular products have "Q Values" of 73°F (Q23), 77°F (Q25), and 81°F (Q27). Heat absorption is based on the amount of BioPCM in the panel. Our most popular products are M27 (1/4 lb./sq.ft) and M51 (1/2 lb./sq.ft). Our sales and applications team can help you determine the best product for your application.

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ENRG Panel Solutions

If your application needs a more rugged design, or has uniquely challenging installation requirements, our experienced applications engineers can work with you to design an ENRG Panel solution to meet your needs.

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