Wall decor for comfort and savings

We've partnered with Larson-Juhl, the global leader in custom picture frame design, manufacturing and distribution, to offer solutions for installation in hospitality and office applications where drop ceilings are not present.

Fusing ENRG Blanket into wall décor,

artwork and signage, Tempassist provides an energy savings solution to spaces that do not have drop ceilings, such as hotel rooms, open-ceiling spaces or offices with hard-lid ceilings.

Tempassist yields up to 50% cost savings

or more with its state-of-the-art energy solution. It requires no maintenance and actively adjusts to its environment, reducing HVAC energy usage and extending useful life-of-equipment.

Tempassist is fast and easy to install

in artwork, canvases, mirrors, panels and other types of wall décor. This installation avoids disruptions to your business operations and can be completed in a single evening.

Advantages of Tempassist with BioPCM® Technology

Manufactured using sustainably grown, plant-based materials

Useful lifetime of more than 100 years

Reduces carbon footprint as less power is consumed

Non-toxic and non-corrosive

Tempassist Specifications

Whether your project calls for a non-decorative or decorative treatment, we have you covered. Our offering includes a full range of products and a wide range of styles: framed and unframed canvases, matted art with glass, wall blankets, drop ceilings, framed mirrors, wall panels and wall decor.

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Tempassist Solutions

If your application needs a unique solution, our experienced applications engineers can work with you to design a Tempassist solution to meet your needs.

Retro-fit kits

Matted art with glass

Framed and unframed canvas

Wall, bathroom and floor fixtures

Decorative and non-decorative panels

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