Telecom / Data Centers

Telecom and Data Centers

Telecom shelters and data centers present a challenge to find impactful, long-lasting energy solutions. The main problems are alleviating heat loads from electronics and providing adequate cooling to the space. Additionally, these structures need a back-up system to prevent servers from overheating if the chiller system fails. Explore how PCES uses products such as ENRG Panel™ to create a more efficient telecom system below.

  • Minimizes demand on HVAC during temperature swings

  • Acts as back-up system, charged and ready to discharge on demand

  • Lowers amount of energy needed to maintain set temperature

Case Studies

Fortune 100 companies already rely on BioPCM products to reduce energy costs, increase occupant comfort and add resiliency to HVAC systems. Contact our experienced team today to get an engineering evaluation on how you can reach your energy goals.

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