Warehouse / Industrial Processes

Warehouse / Industrial Processes


Warehouses are typically only equipped with ventilation to control building temperatures. Because of this, owners struggle with product damage and oppressive temperatures for employees. With BioPCM®, warehouse owners can make the work environment more bearable and protect their goods while also saving money. Discover how Phase Change Energy Solutions resolves these issues for warehouses in the case studies below.

  • Regulates extreme temperatures

  • No corrosion issues or hazardous materials

  • Delivers comfort and savings

Case Studies

Industrial Processes

Industrial processes benefit from bulk thermal storage as a proven and reliable technology to reduce cooling-load demand. PhaseStor™ tanks can easily integrate into any new or existing cooling system and provide a means for reclaiming heat waste to use in later industrial processes.

  • Low up-front installation costs

  • Flexible, modular design

  • Easy installation and seamless alignment with your existing system

Fortune 100 companies already rely on BioPCM products to reduce energy costs, increase occupant comfort and add resiliency to HVAC systems. Contact our experienced team today to get an engineering evaluation on how you can reach your energy goals.

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