What are Phase Change Materials?

Phase change materials (PCMs) are substances that absorb and release large amounts of thermal energy while melting and freezing. When freezing, PCMs release energy as latent heat at a relatively constant temperature. When melting, PCMs absorb heat. PCMs recharge as they fluctuate, making them ideal for temperature control.

What is BioPCM®?

BioPCM is a patented phase change material developed by Phase Change Energy Solutions over years of research and testing. BioPCM is used in products offering easy to install solutions that yield significant energy and carbon savings. BioPCM is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and manufactured in the USA using sustainably-grown, food grade by-products. It was developed to reduce the stress placed on HVACs, ultimately yielding significant energy and carbon savings while providing a more comfortable environment, (results vary depending on building type, age, location and mechanical equipment make and age).

How BioPCM® Works

When BioPCM reaches its melting point, it absorbs large amounts of heat at an almost constant temperature, cooling the accompanying space. BioPCM continues to absorb huge amounts of heat without a significant rise in temperature until the material is transformed into a liquid state. When ambient temperatures fall, BioPCM solidifies and releases stored latent heat into the environment.

Heat Storage
  • Ambient temperature rises

  • PCM becomes liquid

  • Managed temperature remains constant

Heat Release
  • Ambient temperature falls

  • PCM becomes solid

  • Managed temperature remains constant

Advantages of BioPCM®

Reduce carbon footprint while increasing occupant comfort

Adds resilience to HVAC systems

Requires no power and no maintenance

Non-toxic and non-corrosive

Quick and easy installation

Useful lifetime of more than 100 years

Manufactured in the USA using sustainably grown plant-based products