What is BioPCM®?

Phase change materials (PCMs) are substances that absorb and release large amounts of thermal energy while melting and freezing. BioPCM® is a patented family of PCMs developed by Phase Change Solutions (PCS). PCS has established USA-based manufacturing capabilities using sustainably-grown food-grade by-products. BioPCM® is non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable, and has a useful life of over 100 years.

As BioPCM® absorbs and releases heat, the material can transition phases between solid-to-gel and solid-to-solid, which is a key differentiator from existing PCMs that transition between solid-to-liquid. BioPCM® can be designed to store and release thermal energy at any precise temperature within the range of -75°C to 175°C, enabling maximum energy performance with minimal impact on the environment.

BioPCM® enables our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the stress on HVAC systems in buildings, data centers, and telecom shelters and enables temperature control of pharmaceuticals and food products during transportation.

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Save with clean technology

Simply by adding our BioPCM solutions is one of the easiest ways to reduce your expenses. Our patented technology is already being used by Fortune 100 companies to reduce their power consumption and control their quality of products during transportation.

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Sustainably Sourced from  plant-based by-products


Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, and Non-Flamable

Reduced Footprint

Less power consumption - reducing emissions
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Highly tunable set points of -75°C to 175°C
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Large Capacity

High Thermal storage to weight ratio
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Achieving a lifetime of more than 100 years

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