ApolloTM Panel

Consistent Temperature Control for Pharmaceuticals and Perishables with BioPCM®

The BioPCM® based Apollo™ Panel optimizes energy usage inside refrigerators, freezers and in warehouse facilities to provide consistent temperature control.  

  1. Eliminate Product Waste: Traditional pharmacy-grade refrigerators struggle to maintain temperatures below 8°C for more than an hour after a power loss, increasing the risk of product loss. With the Apollo™ Panel, your refrigerator gains up to 7 hours of resiliency during power outages or mechanical failures. This extended temperature stability eliminates product waste.
  2. Improve Energy Efficiency: The Apollo™ Panel enables up to a 30% reduction in energy consumption. Lowering energy consumption reduces your carbon footprint.
  3. Easy To Install: The Apollo™ Panels are attached to the underside of shelves in a refrigerator using zip ties in under 45 minutes. 
  4. Zero Maintenance: The Apollo™ Panel requires no direct or backup power and is maintenance-free.

Product Brochure

UK National Health Service (NHS) Apollo™ Panel Trial Report

To order the Apollo™ Panel through our partner in the UK click here. 



Watch below to see how the Apollo™ Panel is installed in a refrigerator.


Product Specifications

Temperature Dimensions UoM Weight (LB) Energy Density
15.75" x 15.75"
6 to 7
210 J/g
Case studies
Telecom reduces energy base load and peak demand
School reduces HVAC energy use by 31%
Global Retail Bank reduces HVAC energy use by 27%

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