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The rapidly growing cloud industry and current lifestyle shifts in working and schooling from home are increasing our dependence on the telecom and data center infrastructure. Phase change materials leverage thermal mass to provide temperature stability that reduces energy consumption and improves resiliency without increasing the physical footprint of the infrastructure.

To ensure business continuity, data centers must operate 24/7, ideally throughout all power outages. Battery storage systems are used to provide back-up electricity for data centers and large power distribution systems. During an outage, when the batteries discharge, the installed HVAC systems draw a significant part of the stored power to offset the heat generated. This reduces the power delivered downstream.

BioPCM®-based solutions optimize the usage of the HVAC equipment during normal operation as well as during an outage, thereby reducing energy consumption and providing resiliency. The use of PCMs for cooling can reduce energy costs by 20%. Our systems also increase battery and equipment life, enhancing energy resiliency with a simple and easy to maintain back-up system that does not require special permits or testing.

The BioPCM® Advantage

Find out how BioPCM® can help solve your challenges in resiliency, business continuity, and energy saving.

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