Technical Papers

Research keeps us thinking

Here at Phase Change Solutions, we have an active innovation center that conducts research into the  development of new solutions and techniques. We want to dedicate time for experimentation and out-of-the-box thinking to ensure we are kept at the forefront of thermal engineering.

Phase Change Material in a New Construction Training Center

by Emerging Technologies Program, San Diego Gas & Electric (Nov, 2017)

Phase Change Materials for Cold Storage Freezer Applications

by John Baffa, PE, ASWB Engineering (Oct, 2016)

Phase Change Materials for Building Cooling Applications

by Edison’s Design & Engineering Services (DES) (Dec, 2012)

The Advantages of Installing BioPCM Sheet vs. Increasing Insulation Quantity

by PCES (x,x)

Phase Change Materials - BioPCMs vs. Salt Hydrates

by PCES (x,x)

Use of PCM-Enhanced Insulations in the Building Envelope

by Jan Kośny, Ph.D. and David W. Yarbrough, Ph.D. PE.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Dec, 2009)

Using PCM in Brick Constructive Solutions for Passive Cooling

by A. Castell, I. Martorell, M. Medrano, G. Pe´ rez, L.F. Cabeza*
GREA Innovacio´ Concurrent, Universitat de Lleida, Edifici CREA, Pere de Cabrera s/n, 25001 Lleida, Spain (Oct, 2009)

Optimization of PCM Wallboard for Building Use

by Fre´de´ric Kuznik, Joseph Virgone, Energy and Thermal Centre of Lyon and Jean Noel, Free-lance Scientific Software Developer (Oct, 2007)

Field Testing of Second-Generation Residential Attic Using Inorganic PCM Thermal Storage

by Jan Kosny, Ph.D. William Miller, Ph.D. and Azam Mohiuddin Syed, Ph.D.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Aug, 2007)

Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation Analysis
on the Thermal Performance of a Building Roof Incorporating PCM for Thermal Management

by A. Pasupathy, L. Athanasius, R. Velraj, Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of
Engineering and R.V. Seeniraj, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sri Venkateswara
College of Engineering (Apr, 2007)

Thermal Analysis of a Building Brick Containing PCM

by Esam M. Alawadhi, Mechanical Engineering Department, Kuwait University  (Mar, 2007)

Effect of Double Layer PCM in Building Roof for Year Round Thermal Management

by A. Pasupathy, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jayamatha Engineering College, and
R. Velraj, Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering (Feb, 2007)

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