We create materials for a sustainable future

Sustainability is at the core of PCS. We create phase change materials that reduce energy use for our customers. At the heart of all innovations is our patented BioPCM® platform technology, a unique family of phase change material (PCM).

Phase change materials (PCMs) absorb and release large amounts of thermal energy while undergoing a phase transition (solid-to-gel, solid-to-liquid & solid-to-solid). This enables large amounts of heat to be absorbed or released at the transition points, without a significant rise in temperature. Unlike other PCMs, the transition temperature in BioPCM® can be tuned from -75°C to 175°C, thus enabling energy savings across a broad range of applications.

BioPCM® has enabled energy savings for our customers across the board. In cell towers and data centers, we also improve resiliency. In commercial buildings, we increase thermal comfort for occupants. PCS products enable food and medical products to be transported at the right temperature while consuming less energy.

Our Approach

We have aligned ourselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We evaluate our contribution to the SDGs across every level of our organization.  Below are the goals on which our products have a direct impact.

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Smart materials for people and the planet

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