Phase Change Solutions (PCS) and Tessol Form Strategic Alliance to Focus on Reducing Waste and Decarbonizing the Cold Chain and Refrigeration Industries

Navi Mumbai, India & Asheboro, NC, December 6, 2023 – Tessol, a leader in the Indian Cold Chain Technology market and Phase Change Solutions (PCS), a leading smart materials company, today entered into an agreement to develop and distribute BioPCM®-based products to the cold chain food and pharmaceuticals market in India.

Tessol offers a wide range of eco-friendly solutions including PLUGnCHILL®, a temperature-controlled trucking solution and TAMsys®, a specialized last mile delivery solution and wireless temperature monitoring platform. Commenting on this agreement, CEO Rajat Gupta said, “The cold chain logistics industry contributes heavily to GHG emissions and needs a combination of transformative technology along with advanced monitoring solutions. We are a leader in designing complete solutions that meet this need and are excited to be working with the best-in-class materials provider, PCS.”

Tessol will market and distribute innovative BioPCM® solutions like Apollo™ Panels in India and partner with PCS to build new applications based on the BioPCM® technology platform, eliminating medicine/food waste and lowering the carbon footprint caused by refrigeration.

“We are thrilled to partner with innovative solution provider, Tessol, and are excited to combine synergies focused on the last mile delivery space.  Designing smart materials using naturally available raw materials is the cornerstone of our innovation that makes the BioPCM® platform unique. This partnership will bring the best of both worlds to the Indian market as well as to customers worldwide,” said Govi Rao, CEO of PCS.

BioPCM® based solutions have been widely used by industry leaders in pharmaceutical transportation and storage, for well over a decade. PCS’ patented BioPCM® technology enables customers to reduce their carbon footprint and eliminate product waste through temperature management.

About Tessol:

Tessol, a leader in Cold Chain Mobility and Monitoring Solutions, aims to make the temperature-controlled supply chain “Viable, Reliable and Sustainable”. Distribution of temperature-sensitive products is a huge challenge in India and other developing economies because of the lack of reliable options and the high cost incurred on cold chain transport. Tessol solutions allow brands and distributors to offer end-to-end transportation of packages from source to customer without breaking the cold chain up.

About Phase Change Solutions:

Phase Change Solutions (PCS) is a global leader in the development and supply of phase change materials (“PCMs”). The company’s proprietary PCMs, collectively referred to as BioPCM® have been certified to include 100% bio-based content and listed among the USDA’s BioPreferred® products. BioPCM® can be designed to store and release thermal energy at temperatures ranging from -75°C to 175°C enabling customers to lower operating costs, protect perishable food & pharma and reach their sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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Phase Change Solutions (“PCS”) is a global leader in the development of temperature control and energy-efficiency solutions utilizing phase change materials (“PCMs”).




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