Next Generation Energy Efficiency for the Built Environment

Phase Change Energy Solutions is a global leader in the development and deployment of innovative energy-efficiency and thermal storage solutions that harness the power of phase change materials. Customers including the U.S. Government, regional retail chains, and Fortune 100 banking, telecom, hospitality, and technology companies have installed millions of square feet of our products with proven results.

The Problem

The price of energy and peak-use demand charges are near all time highs and demand for power is on the rise. Business operators require new, cost-effective technologies to reduce power consumption, manage operational expenses and reduce environmental impact.

The Solution

Our suite of building-efficiency products is powered by BioPCM®, a patented and proprietary phase change material. When installed within a structure, BioPCM® actively stabilizes interior temperature, absorbing heat when temperature exceeds a desired target and releasing heat when temperature drops below that target.

The Benefit

HVAC power consumption is reduced by up to 35%, producing energy savings that rapidly pay back the installed cost of our products. BioPCM products install quickly without business disruption and require little or no maintenance. They are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and have a demonstrated useful life of over 100 years.

We offer Sustainable Thermal Storage and Efficiency Solutions for any building application

ENRG Blanket

For installation beneath roofing, above drop ceilings or behind drywall in retail, commercial and office applications

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ENRG Panel

For wall and ceiling-mounted installation in equipment rooms, data centers, warehouse and custom applications where a more rugged exterior is required

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Wall décor for installation in hospitality and office applications where drop ceilings are not present

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Large scale thermal storage solution that can store more than ten times the amount of energy as water and uses half the energy as an ice storage system

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The Benefits of BioPCM are clear and proven
  • Reduces HVAC Power Consumption
    BioPCM reduces HVAC power consumption by up to 40%.
  • Attractive Pay-Back Period
    Depending on location, savings from BioPCM can pay back its fully-installed cost in two to five years.
  • No Operating Cost, Long Lifetime
    BioPCM requires no power and no maintenance to deliver savings over its useful life of more than 100 years.

Designed for a Sustainable Future
When less power is consumed, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. BioPCM is non-toxic, non-corrosive and is manufactured using sustainably grown, plant-based by-products.
Extends HVAC Equipment Lifetime
BioPCM products can extend HVAC equipment lifetime and reduce repair and maintenance costs by decreasing HVAC run time and frequency of compressor cycling.
Easy and Quick Installation
BioPCM products are easily installed within a few hours in most applications, avoiding business disruption.
Building Code Compliant
BioPCM products meet or exceed U.S. building code and fire safety requirements.