Add Bulk Thermal Storage Without Replacing the Chiller

Built and driven by BioPCM®, PhaseStor is a large-scale, hot or cold thermal storage solution that can store more than ten times the amount of energy as water and uses half the power of ice storage systems.

Reduces HVAC Power Consumption

Bulk thermal storage allows owners to melt or freeze BioPCM during night-time hours and turn the system down or off during peak demand periods, reducing peak demand charges. PhaseStor systems require less energy to operate because the system runs at a tunable temperature and reduced run time.

Waste Heat Recovery

PhaseStor can be used in applications of waste heat recovery, reducing carbon emission while increasing the thermal efficiency of a system. PhaseStor adds redundancy in the system for times of scheduled chiller/boiler maintenance or outages.

Reduces Cost of Ownership

PhaseStor requires less equipment maintenance and less pumping than traditional systems, extending the operating life of your HVAC system. It maximizes energy savings using standardized, efficient components and provides double or triple the savings over ten years.

Advantages of PhaseStor with BioPCM® Technology

Simplified way to add thermal storage to existing systems

Reduced glycol requirements

Responsibly manufactured using sustainably grown, plant-based products

Reduces carbon footprint

Reduces HVAC energy and maintenance costs

Made in the U.S.A.


PhaseStor Overview

BioPCM in a PhaseStor tank is used to store thermal energy within a specified temperature range (-58°F to 275°F, -50°C to 135°C). Pressurized heat exchangers containing process fluid are fully immersed in BioPCM. Latent heat is absorbed or released when the BioPCM transitions from a solid to a liquid/gel. The changes take place at a constant temperature and, unlike ice-storage, there is no material expansion or contraction during the transitions, allowing for smaller footprint tanks and no system wear due to expansion. BioPCM provides a virtually unlimited number of cycles with no change in its physical or chemical properties, providing a long-life cycle system.

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PhaseStor Solutions

No matter what type of HVAC system your building uses, our applications engineers can recommend the best solution for implementing PhaseStor into your energy plans. We look forward to discussing your thermal storage needs and discovering how PhaseStor can save you energy while providing peace of mind.

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