Increase thermal capacity without capital cost
PhaseStor® is a large-scale, hot/cold thermal storage solution that can store more than 10x the amount of energy as chilled water. PhaseStore® and can be easily installed into new or existing systems, allowing owners to melt or freeze BioPCM® during night-time hours and turn the system off during peak demand periods, reducing peak charges. PhaseStor® works by storing energy within a specified temperature range (-75°C to 175°C) by pressurized heat exchangers containing process fluid that are fully immersed in BioPCM®. The energy is absorbed or released in the form of latent heat when the BioPCM® transitions from a solid to a liquid/gel.

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Long-term advantages

During BioPCM®’s transitions, there is little material contraction or expansion, allowing for smaller foot-print tanks and lower system wear. Additionally, there is no leakage with solid-to-solid or solid-to-gel transitions compared to solid-to-liquid, eliminating the need to build an environmental containment.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduces HVAC power consumption up to 25-35%, lowering carbon emissions

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Extends HVAC equipment lifetime by decreasing run time up to 15-20%

Quick & Easy Installation

Most applications install within a few hours, avoiding business disruptions

Reduced Operating Costs

Requires no power and maintenance, delivering savings for over more than 100 years

Providing 100M+ of BTUs daily for our customers

Case studies
Telecom reduces energy base load and peak demand
School reduces HVAC energy use by 31%
Global Retail Bank reduces HVAC energy use by 27%

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